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Ready to Attack, William's Toyota Celica From Puerto Rico

Toyota Celica is a good styling car for modification and it is very less in Puerto Rico. Here is a 2001 Toyota Celica GTS owe by William. Since there is not many Celica around in Puerto Rico, thus William decided to give this loving machine an aggressive look.

The car now is on black on black scene. Whereby the car is painted to black as well as the wheel too. The car is fitted with TRD bodykit and also a TRD hood scoop. Beside the TRD parts, William does not forget to add on some more nicely carbon fiber products such as the carbon fiber roof spoiler and also the license plate backing. A set of 57dr-gram lights wheel 17x9 is fitted to the car and wrapped with Yokohama tires A032 advan. Besides that, the wheels are tighten by using Muteki r26 neo chrome lug nuts. The car now sit lower thanks to the K-sport coilovers.

This is a good example of Celica with the exact parts and good combination a car can look at this level, I seriously admired the good work and effort of William with his machine

Source: TheFinest

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