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How Much You Need To Own and Maintain A Kancil JB-JL

In my opinion for a guy who really wanted to involve in car modification with low budget, I will always recommend to start with Kei cars. Kei cars in Malaysia consist of Perodua Kancil, Kenari, Kelisa, Suzuki Alto and etc. Perodua Kancil is the most famous among the rest of the Kei cars and in this post I will like to share the cost of owning and maintaining a Perodua Kancil JB-JL.

Based on my experience, modifying a Perodua Kancil with JB-JL engine is not that expensive as expected. The price of the halfcut without bodykit is around RM2.5k-2.8k in Penang while in KL it will be about RM500 lesser compare to Penang price. While with full bodykit, it will cost you roughly RM3k to 3.5k and the price is also RM500 cheaper compare to Penang.  For my case, I opt to get the full bodykit halfcut whereby you can sell off the bodykit parts for around RM500-600 which at the end of the day the price will be the same as of the non bodykit halfcut price. Besides that, you can install the bodykit to your car as well if you like the Mira L5 bodykit design.

Let's start with the normal maintenance and the price for the parts.

Engine Oil Specification (Daihatsu's recommendation):
5W-30/10W-30 mineral/semi or fully synthetic. *I'm using Perodua 5W-30 semi, cost RM55

Spark Plug:
OEM: NGK (BKUR7EK) or Nippon-Denso (K22TNR-S)
*I'm using Denso IK22, cost RM160

Gearbox fluid for LSD gearbox (Daihatsu's recommendation):
75W-85 API GL-5 *I'm using Toyota ATF, cost RM80

Oil Filter:
*I'm using Perodua Oil filter, cost RM10

 Normally I service my car by myself, so that the price above are from spare part shop.

L2s Front bumper: RM350 *Normal, RM500 *Projector fog lamp
L2s Front bonnet: RM350
L2s Front fender: RM150
L2s Side skirt: RM120-150
L2s Rear bonnet: RM300-400
L2s Rear bumper: RM200-300
Auto Flip Side Mirror: RM250-300 *Normal, RM350-400 *Chrome
L2s Headlamp: RM500 *Chromax, 
L2s Rearlamp: RM100, RM150 *Smoked
Rim: RM300-400 *L2S, with or without tyres

L5 dashboard: RM250 (Grey, Single meter), RM300 (Grey, Red meter), RM600+- (Black, Red meter) *Since you are getting L5 aka JB-JL halfcut, the dashboard comes along with the halfcut
L5 door panel: RM450-550 *Come along with power window, however need to modify the rear panel to fit to kancil door
L2 door panel: RM500-700 *Plug and play to kancil door
L2/L5 seat: RM400-500 *Depend on condition and self preference

Above pretty much sum up the price that you need to maintain and modify a Kancil to L5 halfcut. However for the bodykits and interior parts, I'm based on my own preference as I do not have much experience with the other bodykits and interior parts.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ben, Was staying in Klang valley and servicing upgrades at DT Tuner Glenmerie but now transfer to Sg Petani. Do u or any forumer know any good jdm halfcut and service workshop around this part of the country? Thanks Kidzz

Ben said...

Hi Kidzz,

Sorry I don't have any experience in this area. However if you don't mind to come over to Penang, I can recommend you a good workshop.