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Honda CB350 Cafe Racer From Israel

Since I'm on the way into bike world, thus I will always read and look into some famous modification around the bike world. Now I found out that recently the modification scene has moved back to the 60s where the cafe racers ruled the bike world back then.

The cafe racer is a motorcycle that has been modified for speed and handling rather than comfort. The bodywork and control layout of a cafe racer typically mimicked the style of a contemporary Grand Prix road racer, featuring an elongated fuel tank, often with dents to allow the rider's knees to grip the tank, low slung racing handlebars, and a single, rearward mounted, humped seat.

Here is a nice cafe racer done by Lior. Lior is a custom builder based in Israel who runs his own workshop under the name 'Back on Two'. This "HuF" Honda CB350 Cafe Racer is his latest creation and all the hard work he put into this build has paid off.

"I bought the CB350 back in November 2011, with a vision to make a pure cafe racer out of it. First thing I did was completely dismantle it, then I started playing with the design concept. I spent days and nights just staring at the bike, imagining how each and every part could connect perfectly to the other, creating a clean, balanced look. I used a '69 Benelli Mojave fuel tank, a universal seat and the rest of the parts I bought from any where I could (eBay, Dime City Cycles and virtually any online shop that offered cafe racer parts)."

"In order to tie together the frame of a CB, the tank of a Benelli and a universal seat, I designed racing stripes from the tank to the tail, connecting them and creating a harmony between them all. Every part of the bike was restored and built with my own two hands (excluding the paint job, which was done by Erez Dror). The rear fender came from a Ducati 900SD and all the aluminum parts were painstakingly polished."

"All the work on this bike and the other bikes I have restored, was done in my house. The kids got used to have bike parts mixed with their toys and carburetors in their drawers." 

Source: Return of The Cafe Racers
Credit: BackOnTwo

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David said...

Yo, what a nice bike!

Demetrius said...

Very Good job!