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Project Celica: Hoping For A New Set of Shoes

First of all, happy Chinese New Year to all that celebrate it and happy holiday for those who not. After a long wait to upgrade my Celica, I plan to have a new set of rim change for it. After considering for more than so many years, there are 2 design of rims wish I wanted to change. One is the rota grid TE37 while the other is the rota fighter CE28. Both definitely need to come with some unusual offset for Toyota Celica. 

 Unfortunately, Toyota had produced Celica with a stupid lug pattern (to me) which is a PCD 5x100. This is a drawback for those who wish to get some nice rims with low budget in Malaysia. You may order them from Japan but it will cost you a bomb in the wallet. However there are some 17" PCD 5x100 with 9jj and +25 offset selling around the local marketplace website. The price is very attractive and thus making me want to get one as well. However mostly come with 17" but what I do really want is a 18". 

Here is a picture that I try to fit a rota fighter to my Celica. No doubt, I need to admit that my photoshop skill is suck.

This is another picture of the rota grid on Celica. Please do comment which is the better fit for Celica.

PS: Pictures credit to the respective owner. 

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Anonymous said...

ben,please check your email. my name is Bogdan(email is i did write to you few times but you did not give feedback.hope you will read email.thanks

Ben said...

Hi Bogdan,

Sorry for the slow response.
I already sent you a email regarding your question.


Unknown said...

Excause, where you made the bodykit style?

Unknown said...

Can send the diagram for me?

Ben said...

Hi Alfred Yong,

Do you mean the orange celica bodykit? To be honest I'm looking for it as well. By the way, what diagram you need me to send you?


Unknown said...

What rear spoiler is that on the last photo of the silver celica?