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Project Kancil: New Paint Job

Already lost count on how long that I last posted about my project car due to busy work schedule. Finally is time to review what had been done thus far to my project Kancil and the project is almost reach the end.

First of all, had sent my Kancil to get it painted to white (Honda Accord white to be exacted) as what I had posted earlier in the upgrade summary. It took me about 3 weeks to get everything done but anyway everything worth waiting. The car is back in action and ready to get those remaining upgrades install. Nothing much I will do to the car but some minor accessories as what I will let to discuss further in this post and I do hope you may contribute and give some advices to me.

First of all, here are the exterior pictures of the all new painted white project Kancil. One may notice that the rear spoiler had been customized to fit in the after market CROSS spoiler. Besides that, the L2 side skirt had been installed. However the outcome seem like not really nice and I might get rid of it.

Let's take a look at the front/rear bumper and the side skirt. I am still pending to add the reflection sticker to make it looks similar to those from Japan.

Next paint upgrade is the rim. The paint of the rim is already fainted off. So I gave the instruction to the painter to get those painted with matte black. The result seem promising.

After all of these, there are still something left to be done as mentioned earlier. The first thing is to get a set of smoke headlamp. Leave aside of the headlamp material, but I noticed that there are 2 different type of design. Which looks better?

The second thing to do is to install a J-mode front lip. To me this will definitely make the car look sportier and nice.

The third thing is the auto-flip side mirror or the 850 Kancil original side mirror which this is definitely in my "What to Mod" list. The next thing is to get a set of alarm system and finally get the tinted done since the current one already started to faint off.

PS: I have not review the engine bay picture in this post due to dirty engine compartment and I have no time to get it clean. So do stay with me for the engine bay update.

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David said...

Nicely done. How much you spent on the paint job? Hope to have mine done like yours.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

may I know which paint shop you went to?


Ben said...

Hi David,

It cost me RM850 for the paint job.


Ben said...


I done it at Ipoh. THe shop name is Peng Kwan Motor Workshop.