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Malaysia Automotive News: Proton Persona Arabian Version

Here are some pictures of the Proton Persona which selling in Arab. One can notice that the front head lamp had changed to the Proton Satria Neo's head lamp. Besides that, the front grill, front bonnet and the front bumper are all having new design as well. Back to the rear, there is nothing much changes beside the chrome bar. A set of 17 inch rim is fitted to the car. Overall the car looks great for the exterior enhancement, however it is too bad that there is not much interior picture of the car. 

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Anonymous said...

Not bad at all!

garage sale said...

I love the style. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Im from brunei.. Can u tech me how to install o wiring the rpm meter? Because i cant find the wire to connect to the rpm meter to work correctly..

Ben said...


May I know your car model? Proton Persona?