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Project Celica: Back In Action Due to Faulty MAF Sensor

Finally I got some spare time for me to write up updates for my Celica. Previous post I did posted a post regarding of the engine stall problem here. Before sending it to the work shop, I did researched around the net what would be the possibility that caused this. A lot information showed that the highest possibility is the fuel pump giving up. However this is wrong. After diagnosed by my mechanic, he told me it caused by a malfunction MAF sensor which could not feed proper air flow to the ECU. After changing it, problem solved! Thank GOD.

However I realized that my car was parked at the car porch for months, it is good for me to service the car as well. Thus I told my mechanic to have a normal routine service so that I will not worry for battery issue or engine oil issue. Anyway, continue to read the post and understand the price list of the parts I have changed. Besides that, there will be some upgrades for my Kancil as well, do stay with me.

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