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Malaysia Automotive News: Proton P3-21A Full Specification

Here is the full specification of the latest Proton model - Proton P3-21A. The model comes with 3 variant which are the Exectutive Manual, Executive CVT and the Premium CVT, all these models are equipped with the 1.6L engine. For the Executive Manual model, it has the 5 speeds manual transmission while a CVT 6 speeds gearbox is equipped for the Executive CVT model. Both models are equipped with the CamPro IAFM+ engine which capable to produce 107hp@5750rpm and 150Nm@4000rpm. The highest specification model is the Premium CVT which it comes along with the CamPro CFE engine with turbo system where it capable to produce 138hp@5000rpm and 205Nm of torque around 2000rpm till 4000rpm. The all new ProTronic CVT 7 speeds gearbox is equipped to this model. 

According to Proton, the fuel consumption for both the P3-21A Executive Manual and Executive CVT are at 6.1L/100km(Executive Manual) and 5.8L/100km(Executive CVT) and this is measured at 90km/h. While for the Premium CVT, it able to make 6.5L/100km. Between other specifications, the power steering system of the P3-21A is equipped with the hydraulic technology (Hydraulic power steering) and is not the electric power steering. While for the suspension system, a set of Macpherson Strut is installed to the front and a set of Multi-link is installed for the rear. All 3 models are come with rear disc brake and a set of 205/55 R16 wheel is fitted to the car as well.

As a whole, the size of Proton P3-21A is quite big where it length is measured at 4543mm, width at 1786mm and height at 1524mm. The wheelbase is measured at 2650mm. The weight of the car is 1305kg for Executive Manual, while for Executive CVT is at 1325kg and 1340kg for the Premium CVT. 

According to source, the price range is set in between RM62K and RM75K. For those who are interested to make a booking for this Proton P3-21A, the booking fee is at RM500 and you can make this booking all around Malaysia.

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