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Malaysia Automotive News: Keyless Entry Key and Door Panel Design for Proton P3-21A

Here are some of the pictures of P3-21A again. The first picture show the P3-21A's car key which it comes with keyless entry feature. According to source, the keyless entry key look solid and nice hold on. Next are some pictures of the door panel. It is made from what we called "soft plastic" which provide style for the car. 

After this, Proton will focus on the P3-21A hatchback which known to be better design compare to the sedan version. Then Proton will continue their research on "city car" project, Saga R, Compact MPV (to compete with Alza?) and then Exora R.For the "city car" project, Proton announced that the price for it will be similar with the Saga model which currently on their sale list. 

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