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Project Satria: Bumper Spring Lock Installed and Engine Miss Firing Problem

Back to my home town and finally got the bumper spring lock installed. This is help to "stick" the bumper to the chassis in case I run into any pot holea on the road. However here is another bad tragedy for year 2012.As what I previously posted what happen to my Celica here, this is another sad story about my Satria. This happen on 21st Jan 2012 where I already reached my home town and started to inspect my Satria. Tried to start the car, good news! I were able to start it but hold on a second, why the car sound like a boxer engine? Popped up the hood and started to check around, looks like it was having a miss firing some where. 

Without any hesitation, drove my car to the nearest mechanic that is available to have it a check. After some inspection, he told me that most probably was the cable plug causing the problem. Thus, I drove all the way to get a set of it and then installed but my Satria still giving me the same problem. I doubt is the distributor giving me this problem. I still have yet send the car to repair since I already back to Penang. So, please stay with me and I will try to update the progress and hopefully it may help those who face the similar problem like me. 

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Unknown said...

Do have wiring diagram circuit for proton satria?. Email please to me