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Project Kancil: Suspension Upgrade and Lamp Polish

While waiting for some updates from my Celica, let's have a look at what have I done to my Kancil. Previously I had installed a set of lowered spring to it and have not really review the photos which the spring attached. The car lowered more than what the spring advertisement stated (30mm to be exact). It made the car sit lower like around 2 inches (approximately 50mm). Thus, the car now is around an inch clear between the fender and wheel and this is what I want to have in my mind. However, the comfortability of the car decreased and seriously very "bumpy" when driving on uneven road. Anyway, I understand that there is a trade off for looks, handling and comfortability. 

Besides that, do polish and clear up the rear bumper's brake lamp. I understand that there is no way to make it looks like new but at least make it look better. Therefore I planned to polish it and clear up all the dirt built inside the lamp. As you can see at the following photos, those dirt I mentioned earlier was mud. This is the end result of not cleaning the car frequently and park it beside of an on going construction site.

The left is the polished lamp while the right still pending in progress.

Close up photos for both the bumper lamps. Please bare with the rust stain at the screw holes because I was too lazy to clean it up during Chinese New Year holidays. I will definitely clean it when I got some free time.

 Here is the mud built up inside the lamp.

Here is the end result. Noticed that there is a crack on the left lamp. This seriously make me to get a replacement for it but nowadays in the market it is difficult to get the lamp itself. All I able to get is the full rear bumper which it is not worth to pay for. Hopefully there is something can help on this outside there.

Here is the photo comparing both the before and after the lowered spring installed. Look at the paint condition of the rim, seem like is time for me to refurbish it. 

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David said...

Hi Ben,

What product that you used to polish the lamp?


Ben said...

Hi David,

I got it from local store. Will try to get a pic of it


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

Is it the same product that clean headlamps?
Please send pic of the product that you use.