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Project Celica: Engine Stalled

Things not really going well for me in 2012. The first problem I faced was my Celica having problem just few days before Chinese New Year. Most important is I found out the problem just one day earlier before I had my journey back to my home town. 

The problem happen after the first start and rev of my engine. After that, every time I started my Celica, the engine stalled after a few seconds. It revved till 2k rpm and then slowly die off. When I tried to press the fuel pedal, it gave me the feeling that the fuel was not pumping into the engine. Tried to ask around as well as from from US and Celica Club Malaysia, the answers are most probably fuel pump not working as per expected or the fuel filter. Hopefully this is the reason causing it and the repair cost is cheap. Thus, I need a flatbed tow truck now to send my Celica to my mechanic for repair. Sigh...

Lesson learns, please do not park your car there for months. Drive it!!! or at least please start it to avoid anything bad happen like me. There is another story about my Satria as well. Same goes to long time parking at my home town car porch without driving and starting it. Almost similar problem but better since it still can be driven. Anyway, stay tune with me how the update of my Celica problem and repair process.

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Shaiful said...

Hi Ben,

Last month my 4AGE BT faced pretty much the same problem. Mech changed the distributor and seems quite fine til now.
Do keep us updated about your celica and satria problem.


Ben said...

Hi ePuL,

Thanks for your suggestion. For your information, my car does not have any distributor. However, my mech able to solve the problem.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

What is the solution for this?

Ben said...


It is the sensor problem. Stay tune for the update


Car Repair Shop said...

oooh. That's sad. Having to replace an air pump is inconvenient, but tolerable. Replacing a muffler or alternator is more costly and thus, more frustrating. But it's still bearable. Your car's engine, on the other hand, is among the few assemblies (your transmission is the other one) where a failure can crush your budget.