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Project Kancil: Handling and Exterior Upgrade

Finally got some time to post updates of my project Kancil. At last I got myself a set of APM Performax Sport Spring which I decided to install them to my car early of the year. Based on the specification provided by APM, this Performax Sport Spring is able to lower the car height by 3cm. Thus, let's see how much can my car be lowered after I have install it.

However, among these few months; bad thing happen to my car as well. The front bumper's left bracket had broken and this leads to the screw fell off and the only solution that I currently applied is using a cable tie to hold the front bumper to my car chassis. Unfortunately, this is not a good solution whereby the front bumper is starting to fall off again. Therefore, there are only 2 good alternative solutions which I can apply to permanently solve this problem. One is to change the entire bumper and the other is to use some sort of bumper lock to hold the bumper and fender. The second option is definitely my choice because this is way cheaper compare to change the entire bumper which will cost about RM400-450.

So these are the items I bought for my project Kancil upgrade this month. Anyway will try to spare some time to get both these items installed as soon as possible. To be frank, hope that after this sport spring installed, it will able to reduce the car height as what stated in the specification. Hopefully it will be about 2 inches between the wheel and the fender.

Here is the broken bumper bracket. Seriously need to get this done as soon as possible to avoid the entire bumper fall off while driving around the city.

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