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White Bugatti Veyron vs White Koenigsegg CCXR in hot drag race

While the two insane supercars, the Bugatti Veyron and Koenigsegg CCXR seem to have similar on paper – two seats, mid-engine, 1,000 horsepower, stratospheric pricetag – their approach could hardly have been any different. One was the sum of all of an industrial giant's considerable resources, the other the project of a start-up with a dream.

So if they come to a drag race which will be faster in the straight line? The all wheel drive Bugatti Veyron or the rear wheel drive Koenigsegg CCXR? Anyway here is the video of both raced them from a 60-km/h (37 miles per hour) rolling start all the way up past 310 km/h (192 mph). Follow the jump to see what is the result.

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