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Honda Integra DC5 4 doors limited edition spotted

Here is a very interesting photo showing a Honda Integra DC5 4 doors limited edition spotted some where in city. But wait, when Honda released a 4 doors version for their sport coupe? Look closely, this is not closed to any Honda DC5 4 doors but it is a modified Proton Saga/Iswara with the Honda Integra DC5 rear lamp. Overall still acceptable but the rear spoiler seriously make the car look more ricer than any other cars. Do leave a comment of yours on this "Honda DC5 4 doors" limited edition.

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Anonymous said...

This is ugly. Still prefer the lancer fiore look

Studded Winter Tires said...

Truly one of the great cars that Honda has produced. You don't get to see many of these on the road even though it doesn't appeal to a lot of people visually.

deva said...

believe it or not this is actually a old saga ( proton saga) first edition.
converted to integra and evo 10 in the front. will upload more photos if i can.

in klang

Ben said...

Hi Deva,

Thanks for the info. Never know that the front is converted to Evo 10. Do share with us the pictures.


Anonymous said...

This car is really looking cool. Wondering if proton can make this kind of car in the future:-)

Ben said...

Don't think Proton will make this and if yes this will definitely make this car look not unique anymore