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Nissan GT-R vs Ferrari 458 on the Highway and Twisty Road

Everybody knows that the Nissan GT-R is a supercar from Japan. It has beaten/embarrassed vehicles costing several times as much on more occasions that we can care to remember. However there is another factor that being fast is as much about the car as it is about the driver. Case in point, a friendly road race between an SP Engineering-prepped Nissan GT-R and a Ferrari 458 Italia.

While the driver of the Godzilla has no problem tearing apart Maranello's V8-powered supercar in a straight-line duel on the highway, it’s a completely different story when the two cars enter a twisty side road. Continue to the video after the jump.

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hmph said...

Nothing to do with the handling of the car - more a driver lack of skill thing

mr.q said...

hahaa..when jap cars beat euro cars,jap fanboys w said jap cars are better,but when euro beat the japs,they said "more a driver lack of skil driving"...hahahahaa..pure japs fanboy~

hmph said...

Did you even watch the video? I love my Ferraris too, but this case, the GTR driver really couldn't drive his car properly. Look at the entry and exit lines of the car, and his braking points. Not the best to say the least.