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Malaysia Automotive News: Proton Saga BLM FLX 1.6L coming soon

According to trusted source, Proton will going to launch their all new Proton Saga BLM FLX 1.6L soon. Proton had made a trial installation of this Proton Saga BLM FLX 1.6L. There are 2 trial units being installed. One is the solid white version while the other one is the fire red version.

However this is the information available for the time being. The launching date still have not finalize yet but most probably is within this month or might be as late as the launching of Proton Exora CFE. Continue reading to know more about the specification of the car.

- 2 trial units:- Solid White and Fire Red

- 195/50/15R rim and tyres

- Interior is the same but come with red line leather seat

- Come with bodykit

- Roof color same with the car color, no more black color roof like the SE version

- Fog lamp console color is replaced by dark gold instead of chrome

- Engine IAFM+ & CVT

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