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DIY: Proton Wira Head Unit Installation

Just done a DIY install head unit with my friend to his Proton Wira. Thinking of this is quite a good information to share thus over here I will share the wiring color code from a Proton Wira to a typical head unit standard wiring. Anyway, this is nothing much different compare with the post I posted earlier about the DIY Install head unit to Perodua Kancil. You may visit to this post if you have miss out previously.

In this post, I will be focused more on the wiring color code rather than the installation steps and I believe most of you already know how to remove the radio from the dashboard panel. This is due to Proton is having a different wiring color code compare with the typical standard head unit wiring color code you can get from the market.

First of all, disconnect the battery terminal of your car for safety purpose because your fuse will blow if there is anything screw up during the process of the installation.

Then, unscrew all these 3 screws in order for you to get access to your head unit. Image below shown where are these 3 screws.

After that, you will be able to see a bunch of wiring which connected to your head unit. Cut the wires and connect them according to the head unit wires. Please refer to the wiring color code below. After you done connecting, wrap all the wires nicely with the electronic tape. Fit back the head unit and the dashboard panel, connect the battery terminal and now you can enjoy your new head unit.

In case you are changing from a double din head unit to single din head unit. You may need a dashboard compartment as shown below. 

PS: Please download and share the wiring diagram if you feel this is useful for your DIY project.

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Mr. N said...

want to ask, are the wiring colour are same with proton waja?

Mr. N said...

Are the colour code same with proton waja?

Ben said...

Hi Mr.N,

Yes. There is not much different.


Unknown said...

Can u email me the original radii socket connector picture?

Unknown said...

Done!...tq ben

Unknown said...

Me to.please email me.