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BMW 1 Series Modification

The 1 Series was launched globally in Autumn 2004 and shares many structural, chassis, powertrain, hardware and electronic elements with the larger 3 Series. The model was started to provide a lower point of entry into the BMW range as the 3 Series moved gradually up-market. The 1 Series coupe (E82) and convertible (E88) went on sale in the United States and Canada in model year 2008 (30 June 2007)[1] as the 128i and the 135i. Other countries received the 120i and 125i in both platforms.

Even though the look of BMW 1 Series is already look nice and sporty but modifying bug does strike the owner of this BMW 1 Series. The owner of this BMW 1 Series modify his BMW 1 Series exterior to something special and unique where the easiest noticed parts are he sprayed the front headlamp and rear lamp with white color and a extremely big spoiler.

To be honest, if the spoiler comes in smaller one the car will be perfect. By the way, I wonder will the car against the law enforcement where both the front and rear lamp already sprayed to white. Anyway guys, enjoy the pictures.

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Anonymous said...

How does he/she get approval from the enforcement???