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4G13/4G15 1.7L crank shaft stroker kit

Dear readers and 4G13/4G15 owners, here is a great news for you all. I was browser around in which I came across of this crank shaft that claims to able to stroke your 4G13/4G15 to 1700cc. I am not pretty sure how possible for you to get this done by just increase the stroke only to get to 1700cc. However I doubt that you still need to bore your engine block to fit in bigger pistons in order to achieve this. As what I know off, if you have a lot of stroke; your engine pistons might ending up hitting the valves. Other than that, I am not pretty sure how is the reliability and durability of your engine after installing this crank shaft.

Anyway, if you really want to max out your 4G13/4G15 without turbo-ing or supercharging it and wish to stay in NA path; this is the correct piece for you to look for. Anyway, do contact the seller here and get more information from them. If you don't mind, please share out some information and your thought with me. Last but not least, Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims and happy holidays to all others.

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Anonymous said...

are these thing save ben?

Ben said...


If you able to find a good mechanic, it is still possible to produce a reliable engine.


stev said...

hi ben,
i'm stev,the link that u give cannot connet oredy, did u give another link pls?

stev said...

soli ya, i mean tat "4G13/4G15 1.7L crank shaft stroker kit" tat seller site link, thx for ur help

Ben said...

Hi Stev,

I'm sorry to say that I do not have the seller site link.