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Project Satria: Radiator Silicone Hose Installation

It is been awhile that I do not update my blog and finally I managed to squish out a little time from my busy schedule to update a post about the installation of radiator silicone hose to my Satria.
As I mentioned earlier in the post here, my radiator hoses are not in good condition and I do not want to give it a chance to leak or burst. Try imagine if both the hoses leak or burst when I driving on the highway, what would happen? First, engine will overheats. Then need to get my Satria tow back to the workshop which I believe the charges will be unreasonable (damn expensive).

First of all try to locate both the top and bottom hoses. Then use plier to open up the clips at both the end of the hoses. At the same time, I flushed out all the water from the radiator so ease for the installation.
Replaced both the new silicone hoses, the bottom hose took me some time to fit in as there is not much room for my hand to enter. After that, tighten the clips and make sure there is not leakage at both the end of the hoses.

Almost done and the last thing for me to do was to refill my radiator with coolant and water. I had chosen the Toyota Long Life coolant. Beware that there are imitation stocks in the market.

Thanks guys. Stay tune for my next update on my project cars.

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