CAMPRO Engine Modification From Mild to Extreme

This post is created for those who wish to modify their CAMPRO from mild to extreme machine. CAMPRO is an engine developed by Proton and wit...

This post is created for those who wish to modify their CAMPRO from mild to extreme machine. CAMPRO is an engine developed by Proton and with the help from Lotus. This engine powers the Proton Gen-2, the Proton Satria Neo, the Proton Waja Campro, the Proton Persona as well as Proton's future models.

There are 2 types of CAMPRO engines which are the 1.6L S4PH and the 1.3L S4PE. The basic Campro engine coded as S4PH is a basic DOHC 16-valve 1.6 L engine that produces 110 bhp (82 kW) @ 6,000 rpm of power and 148 N·m (109 ft·lbf) of torque. While for the S4PE, it is able to produce 94 bhp (70 kW) @ 6,000 rpm and the torque of 120 N·m (89 ft·lbf) @ 4,000 rpm. However there is a drawback of CAMPRO engine where the torque dip at typical engine speeds of 2,000 to 3,000 rpm. Ok guys, don't let this drawback stop you from modifying. This is because CAMPRO engine does have some potential and it can be modified easily and the result will sure surprise you. If going down to NA (naturally aspirated) path, with some modifications you can easily up the HP approximate 140-150hp on engine. If going to FI (forced induction) path, the low boost turbo systems will easily produce more HP compare to NA path.

However, not all mods are for power though, there are many area's of braking and suspension that any stock car can always be improved with. Along with other drive line upgrades, you can have a smooth reliable car, with improved handling, and provide that little bit of sporty power to keep most people satisfied.

So I would like to compile a list of modification that can be done for CAMPRO engine. This section is to be used as a guide in your modification - I will be breaking this into sections to provide a well balanced vehicle. By the way, this compilation list will be based on the list of the "4G13 and 4G15 Modification From Mild to Extreme" I posted earlier as this will be easier to refer of.

Mild Modification
The mild modifications are designed for the every day driver, wanting improvements across the board without sacrificing road comfort, fuel economy or driveability.

1. Air Filters and Cold Air Intake Kits
The factory air box system on these vehicles, is quite restrictive.
1. Fitment of an aftermarket replacement air filter. You can get it from K&N which this will improved air flow and throttle response
2. Fitment of a Cold Air Intake Kit.

The Cold air kit relocates to the front bumper, pulling cold air especially where utilized with a aftermarket front bumper. Any aftermarket open pod filter is fine. The plastic pipe kit I honestly recommend, other than being the cheapest, is one of the best bang for dollar modifications you can do.

2. Exhaust System Upgrade
Since you have done a good job for the intake system, now is the time to do something about the exhaust system.Upgrading the exhaust system is one of the most beneficial modification and gain the most HP compare to others. In short, it worth the money to change the exhaust system. However, before you start to change the exhaust system, you must make a decision on until which level you plan to mod your car. Mild, medium or extreme modification has totally different exhaust size modification. Why I advised you to make the decision before moding the car because  you can save up some money for this modification. To be honest, I wasted a lot of money for my satria's exhaust system. This is because I changed the exhaust for 1.3L engine then change again for MIVEC engine and then change again for my current 4G93T  now. So you can imagine how much I had wasted for only the exhaust system. For moding the exhaust system, I suggested few guidelines as following:-

1. Naturally Aspirated - Stock ECU- You are only after mild improvements to make the car sportier, but don't intend to do any real serious mods. This being the case stick with replacement of the stock exhaust with either a rear muffler upgrade only 1.7" flow oval shaped unit, or complete it with a 1.7" press bent exhaust system with new muffler and resonator. Cat converter should remain stock. Any larger on the system would not provide without sufficient more expensive mods, any real gains.
2. Naturally Aspirated - Piggy Back ECU - you are after mild to medium improvements to make the car sportier, with slightly more than average vehicle modifications. This being the case, I recommend a 2" diameter replacement exhaust with a new resonator and muffler. No need to go mandrel bent unless you have money to throw away. This setup will handle the majority of modifications I have listed short of turbo systems
3. Naturally Aspirated -Standalone ECU - okay you are an extreme modder. Twin throttle bodies, camshafts the list goes on. I recommend in this case either a 2.2" mandrel bent system
4. Turbo Charged - either from 2.5" to 3" is more than enough for a CAMPRO bolt on turbo.

3. Suspension Upgrade - Level 1
Basically at this point you are still have a midly modified vehicle and want to just improve the looks slightly and handling. I recommend in this situation the following

1. Replacement of stock springs with some lowering units - either 30mm or 50mm lowered units depending upon how low you want to go.
2. Fitment of a sway bar. Reduces body roll without reducing drive ability.
3. Fitment of a strut brace. Reduces the tendancy of the vehicle to float on the road and makes it less sensitive to changes in road camber, resulting in less need to constantly adjust the steering wheel to keep the car driving straight.

This package will proved a well balanced vehicle, capable of handling corners at higher speeds, will feel safer at higher speeds especially above 100km/hr. The steering will feel more precise and you will have overall more confidence in pushing the vehicle harder.

4. Crank Pulley
The goal of the underdrive pulley is to reduce drag from the accessories on the motor. The other benefit of aftermarket pulleys is to reduce rotating mass. Here the simple aluminum crank pulley has a big advantage over the heavy stock pulley, but there's a reason it's so much lighter: It's missing the harmonic dampener. The reduction in rotating mass may be worth a couple of horsepower.

The factory crank pulley has a built-in harmonic dampener, in the form of a split design, with a thick rubber pad sandwiched between two steel sheels. The dampener is designed to absorb torsional and vertical vibrations from the crank. Most underdrive crank pulleys do not have a harmonic dampener at all. But for a street-driven car, one that you might want to last a couple of hundred thousand miles, we do not recommend using a pulley without a harmonic dampener.

Medium Modification
The medium modifications are designed for those who want more HP from their car.

1. Extractor Upgrade
Original extractors are always not equal. But in reality, any half decent designed unit will be an improvement over the stock manifold on the vehicle. There are two types of designs. One is the 4-1 design which is design to produce power at the high rpm. This setup is suitable for those who always want to rev high. The other design is the 4-2-1 which is design to produce power at the low rpm, better torque response. This setup is suitable for those daily drive machine. 

If your plan is to go turbo, then save your money and jump ahead several more levels. This is not for you. For everyone else, this will complete the balance of your exhaust system modifications.

2. Fuel Pressure Upgrades
This is the one thing we believe that these vehicles should always have fitted regardless of how little, or much you modify the vehicle. Quite simply the factory vehicle has been tuned for maximum Economy. This has resulted in a fairly large flat spot off idle when accelerating hard from a standing start of from a cruise mode situation.

1. Fitment of the Fuel Pressure Regulator kit eliminates this flat spot, whilst only marginally reducing your fuel economy. Without going into huge detail, flat spots are eliminated, your car will actually accelerate properly without hesitating and your fear of being run over at stop signs will diminish rapidly. This is an easy bolt on kit and can usually be done in around 1 hour maximum.

2. There are company manufacturing bored out fuel rail, which increases the fuel capacity within the fuel rail. This enables upon acceleration, a greater volume of fuel to become available before leaning out. This also reduces the tendancy to pulse the fuel and create disturbances in the fuel flow, providing a smoother transition to power.

3. Drive Line Upgrades
There are three main driveline upgrades which can be done, which go a long way towards improving the reliability of the engine as well as driveability.

1. Lightweight Crankpulley - this unit reduces both the moving mass of the front harmonic balancer, as well as being physically smaller by around 25% diameter over the stock unit. Helps to make the car rev faster, spins up faster and higher. The reduction in drive ratio's means that the power steering and alternator are turning less at higher speeds further reducing engine load. This is just small enough to reduce load without reducing the effectiveness of the operation of the alternator and power steering units. Highly recommended and very easily fitted.
2. Clutch Kit - At some point your clutch will need upgrading. Two options available - for naturally aspirated drivers a standard coverplate with a semi ceramic five pucker clutch disc package. This will increase clutch efficiency by 50% without any extra pedal effort required. For turbocharged vehicles, this is upgraded to a Heavy Duty unit with the cover plate strengthens by an additional 25%. This provides slightly increased pedal effort and more tendancy to be shudder on take off's but will handle the higher torque characteristics of a turbo.
3. Lightweight Flywheel - this has two benefits being increased strength over stock units and also make the semi ceramic clutch units more driveable by not allowing them to shudder as much. Second benefit is that they are lighter and enable the engine to rev easier, faster with less reciprocating weight. However, do not skim the flywheel to much because this will cause loss of torque.

5. Suspension Modifications - Level 2
Is time to have some upgrade for your suspension again. Since mild mod is only changing to a lowered spring, it is advisable to change the shock absorber as well for a medium modification.

1. Fitment of KYB Excel-G replacement units for the more budget conscious. Retains improved handling over stock.
2. Fitment of KYB AGX units. These are externally adjustable and are perfect for the all round street / strip / circuit car. You can set them soft when your on the road, hard when your driving hard. Adjustment takes less than 1 minute
3. Fitment if Koni Sports Inserts. These are similar to the KYB AGX units, but are serviceable and provide that little bit more control. They are a more precise unit, externally adjustable on the front only, internally adjustable on the rear. For the more sports conscious person these could be the better choice.

6. Brake Upgrades
Since the performance of the car is higher now, so it is better for us to have a good braking system. There are few ways to improve the braking system.

1. For those already satisfied with the current HP gain, minor improving on front brake is fine by just changing the front brake pad to a performance brake pad and changing the rubber hose to those stainless steel brake hose. I personally recommend Pro-RS because it is cheap and reliable.
2. For those wanting the final level of brakes, fitment of a 276mm Twin Piston front brake and brake master cylinder upgrade is the final step.

Extreme Modification

Now we are down to the serious modifiers. Comfort and driveability is usually second to engine performance and speed is your goal. These next levels are not only expensive and it require an experience mechanic to perform the modification. If anything goes wrong, you are not only wasting your money but also your time. Besides that, do think of whether after this final stage upgrade will the performance satisfy you? If not it is better to save up the money and go for engine transplant.

The following mods require you to decide, which of the following ways you are going which will be

1. Suspension Modifications - Level 3
The last stage of suspension modification is changing to either coil over adjustable suspension or just adjustable suspension. There are few guidelines as below:

1. I recommend the Tien units. To put it quite simply, many Japanese units are set very very hard, so even on there softest unit the car is very harsh, hurts kidney's and actually has worse handling as it skips all over the road. The hardest setting on the Tien units, are equal to the softest setting on the Japanese normal imported units. I cannot recommend these enough - they are simply fantastic with the ability to set your road height, rebound levels etc.
2. These Tien Units are also available to be electronically adjusted on there rebound rates via up to one independent controller per corner, or one controller on all four units as an example. Mostly for extreme racing only.

2. Performance Camshaft Campro
When selecting a performance camshaft, consider the use for which the vehicle will be required. We all know the claims: 20 BHP extra. Be conservative! Don’t over-cam your engine. Choose your cam for the correct application. Consider! Fit a milder cam and increase your power by 10 BHP at 3500 rpm. Remember! You get this 10 HP every time you accelerate through 3500 rpm. Multiply this by 10 HP each time you drive through 3500 rpm then deduct the times you reach 7500 rpm. I’m sure you will find more horsepower on the 3500 rpm side than the 7500 rpm calculation.

There are R3 cams, and they are famous at the time they come up with it. Even though the degree was not that high but the performance on the road was surprisingly good. Based on the specification, the degree was 258 intake and 260 for exhaust. Besides that, Works Engineering had came out a billet cam. I have not much information about the actual performance of a car that equipped with this cam, all I’ve heard was only the rough dyno figures. In term of theory billet cam is better then regrind. The specs for this cam, 267 degree for intake and exhaust with 10.6mm lift, that’s quite a high lift and that means a very-very good news.

3. Computer Modifications
1. If you are still budget conscious, then stick with the piggy back. However do remember that EFI piggyback with Siemens ECU is not work because Siemens ECU do have the ability of reset the setting after sometimes.
2. Since budget is not the concern here then a standalone is what you need. Much more advanced tuning, with options like shift lights, in built boost controllers, many many more mapping points, much finer tuning. Additionally the stock ECU even with a piggy back is unable to cope with any camshaft changes at all.

For piggy back system, I recommend Greddy Emanage. If you have a tight budget, take the Greddy Emanage blue with ignition harness. If you have more budget, you may get the Greddy Emanage Ultimate which provide more tuning capability. I do not really recommend UNICHIP because you need to bring to their authorized dealer to tune your car. This is quite inconvenience for those who stay far apart from those authorized dealers.

For standalone system, I persoanlly recommend Apexi Power FC. This is because it has the commander for you to fine tune your car compare to the rest like Haltech/Microtech which need a special software from the tuner to tune it. However the downside of Apexi Power FC is, it is not universal, which means that it is built for particular car model. You may read my ECU upgrade for my Celica (Apexi Power FC) here. Haltech EMS systems - There is the E6X for those wanting something simple, or the Haltech E8 for those wanting the best. With the inbuilt boost controllers, and hosts of other functions, these are way ahead of trying do piece together a piggy back with separate boost controllers, shift lights, gauges etc.

4. Intake Manifold Upgrade / Twin Throttle Body / 4 Throttle Body Conversion 
If you are remaining Naturally Aspirated you have several options.

1. First you can go for a single throttle body with Internal Ram Tubes. Massive throttle response, Haltech piggy back system great looks without extreme levels of tuning required. Significant torque improvements and can be utilized up to a single 60mm throttle body
2. Upgrade utilizing stock manifold, modified with fitment of a second throttle body - twin throttle body conversion. Either twin 46mm or twin 51mm throttle bodies work very nicely for a progressive throttle response and great top end rush of power. This system is fantastic and highly recommended if insurance premiums are a 3. The third option is a combination of a Performance Intake Manifold and twin throttle body. Massive plenum chamber, improved air flow, progressive throttle response, this is nearly equivalent to a quad throttle body kit without the side effects and all of the benefits. Massive air flow and the ability to tune with a piggy back or EMS system. Not turbo compatible of course.

5. Turbocharger Conversion Package
What more can I say other than your a horsepower and boost Junkie. Welcome to the rest of the world. This combines extreme levels of torque and power, with neck snapping acceleration. It comes at a cost though, increased fuel economy, higher insurance and lots of money. But lets get something clear first.

1. Anyone believing they can effectivly fit a turbo kit on there car safely, properly and legally.
2. These engines in stock form will not handle above 1 PSI boost without aftermarket computer management despite what people believe. 25 : 1 rising rate fuel pressure regulators, larger injectors, moving the distributor to retard timing all these tricks - none work. Don't skimp.
3. 5th Injector systems are something that came and died in the 80's. Quite simply this does not distribute fuel properly to all cylinders, and still does not provide ignition timing adjustment.
4. For boost levels up to 10 psi can be done safety on the stock head gasket dependent upon tuning and intercooler efficiency.
5. For boost levels up to 14 psi requires an upgraded decompression head gasket.
6. Do not boost above 14 psi on the stock piston / conrod setup otherwise you will learn what a banana conrod looks like.

For example, a R3 Satria Neo is able to produce 200 hp and 250 Nm (170 hp and 200 Nm on wheel), which is a huge 75 hp/100 Nm jump over the stock engine.

Finally, it reached the end of this post. My advice for those who still do not satisfy the power gain from all these modifications, you should instead either look for another car or look to do a engine swap to a larger mitsubishi engine.

If you have any other modifications wish to share with me, do email me at or drop me a comment. Thanks for the support.

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  1. nice post ben,
    im using gen2 1.6.
    i have done some mod for my car:
    1.4-2-1 extractor
    2.aerospeed campulley
    3.exhaust system.

    the result is quite impressive.
    which one is better?
    to change to mivec gearbox or remains the stock gearbox?
    or i just have to change the clucth kit?
    btw, if ur ans is mivec gearbox. which gearbox is preferabble.


  2. Hi Racing Chick<3,

    If you are a high revving fan, do go for the mivec gearbox which provide you a better ratio compare to your stock gearbox. If you just want to have some fun, upgrade the clutch kit of your stock gearbox will do. My preference will be Mivec gearbox. However, changing it or not is depends on your preference.

    If you going to change to Mivec gearbox. You will need to get the CK model not the CA. Here are the gearbox code (non LSD) which I think it may help you during the hunt.
    1. F5M421Y8A
    2. F5M421Y8A7

    But too bad that I can't recall for the LSD gearbox code.


  3. Hye ben,

    some people say that exora gearbox is better than mivec gearbox.

    is it true?


  4. Hi RacingChick<3

    Not necessary. Depends on what gear ratio you wish to have...


  5. Where i can find the turbo manifold.. URGENT email me ....

  6. Hi Jefry,

    Pls contact JianHang exhaust located at Batu Caves


  7. Nice Info BEn,

    Can u or anyone base on exprience give the brand suggestion for my gen2

    -crank pulley
    -Air Filters and Cold Air Intake Kits


  8. Hi,

    These are the brands I prefer.

    Extractor - HOTBITS
    Exhaust - RSR
    Crank Pulley - Mythology
    Suspension - TEIN
    Intake - HKS


  9. Dear Ben,

    Thank you for the infos provided.

    Can you suggest a workshop that could do most of the modifications you suggested? I'm looking for a workshop that could do some of the mods but at reasonable price (not overcharging) :)



  10. hai ben,
    I am using latest persona version car.
    i have been change my stock exhaust system.
    what u recommend me to do next?
    is the ECU or...?
    i really have no idea.
    last question: can i know if i drop in air filter will it affects the fuel consumption.

  11. Hai ben,
    thanks for the infos.:)

    can i know if i drop in air filter, will it affects my fuel consumption.
    i have been changed my complete exhaust system.
    what u recommend me to do next?
    - Persona latest version

  12. Hi Mac,

    Before I can recommend you a shop, may I know where is your area?


  13. Hi,

    If possible get a set of mild cam. Then only go for ECU upgrade. Drop in filter will allow better air flow to your engine. This will provide better combustion and normally better combustion means better performance and owner will keep revving the engine hence causing fuel consumption higher.


  14. Dear Ben,

    Thank you for your reply. I'm located in Petaling Jaya but anywhere around PJ, Subang and Shah Alam would be great but in the event if these areas are pricey, i wouldn't mind going out of my area but not too far i.e. Kajang etc. Thank you bro.



  15. Hi Mac,

    Since you are from PJ, I believe Sunway shouldn't way too far for you. For normal stuffs, Excool Sunway is not bad. Extreme, you may go to Top Secret Performance.


  16. Hi Ben,
    Great article you have written there!

    I'm currently having a proton waja mme edition (yes the car is already around 7years old)..
    What would you recommend if i generally want to improve its torque and power? It may seem strange but i'm not very well versed with the waja mme as i actually bought it only because its:-
    1. Limited production
    2. I think it looks great and unique
    Is RM15k enough to actually perform a significant performance upgrade?

    Many thanks for the advice. Any places to recommend to upgrade? Anyway i'm living in taman desa so anywhere in KL or subang or sunway or PJ is not far for me.

  17. Hi Ben..

    I had two incidents where i lost my pistons due to piston to valve both cases i was using hi cam for cps engine but with no upgraded valve spring. Can u suggest any good upgrade for valve spring either aftermarket or modify from other engines e.g 4AGE..thanks


  18. hi ben,great article u have wrote.
    may i know,if i install 4-2-1 manifold into my campro iafm,did i need to throw away the cat converter...?

  19. Hi Justin,

    A full exhaust system is a must. Cold air intake. Light crank pulley but with damper. A set of mild cam. These will help you to increase torque and HP. Then install a piggyback ECU to fine tune it.


  20. Hi Ali,

    If not mistaken WORKS does have valve spring for campro. Besides that, JASMA also has valve spring as well for budget price.


  21. Hi,

    It is good for the environment for not removing the cat. However in Malaysia, we do always remove the cat to squeeze a little more power since the idea of go green over here is little.


  22. hallo ben...for the gearbox conversion to mivec CK is it using turbo or na type of gearbox??cuz I'm asking for it at halfcut then they ask me back da question...and i wanna ask is it plug and play???

  23. Hi,

    From my understanding, Mivec CK only comes with NA. No turbo version gearbox.


  24. Hi Ben,

    I have a 1.3L saga BLM and im planning to do a mild mod along the NA path. So far i have change some part and i dun have any idea what to do next.

    The mod i have done so far is :
    1) Change air filter to drop-in air filter
    2) change 4-2-1 extractor
    3) change my exhaust system


  25. Dear ben,

    For persona elegance 1.6 intake,
    hks should be good?
    which model?


  26. Dear Ben,

    Hi,I'm driving a satria neo non cps and I'm interested in changing the gear ratio. Can you recommend some mivec gearbox which is compatible? And is that possible to retain the original gearbox and just swap the gear set with the one in the mivec gearbox? Please give me some advice on this matter. Thank you.


  27. Hi Lami,

    You could change the LCP, a bigger throttle body and a pair of cam.


  28. Hi Yong,

    It doesn't matter about the brand. It matter about the air flow which the air filter able to provide to your engine.


  29. Hi Lam,

    The Mivec gearbox that compatible with CPS is the CK version. If not mistaken the housing of the CPS and Mivec is the same but different gear only.


  30. HI BEN :D

    loving your article, finally a well explained guide for my car. seriously thanks alot for sharing. im having alot of questions need to ask and i hope that you will take your precious time to help me with this as i have been modifying my car with quite less knowledge about it. i will list out what i already done and i am very happy if you help me solve up my prob on which or which to change :D im aiming for higher toque and HP :) top speed is not really im looking for

    basic info about myself :
    1) Satria neo cps (non r3)
    2) participating on track occasionally twice a year or so
    3) touge regularly
    4) is a daily car :D

    mod tht had been done :
    1) header 4-1 (marco) - should i change?
    2) middle paip 2'' (turbo s)
    3) end exaust 2.5'' (APexi imitation)
    4) Jasma crank pully - should i change?
    5) aerospeed campully
    6) works fuel regulator
    7) simota CF air filter + tunnel
    8) Jasma oil cooler ( no idea if this thing is working == )
    9) suspension GAB SS (damage) which brand should i go for next ?
    so what next :/

    looking for an ECU and im aiming for unichip Q. you stated that in your article campro engine will be able to use e-manage but i heard quite alot of people saying that it cant :/ and im abit confuse there. and i read the comment that you replied to, saying that install a cam shaft than only find the ECU. my question is after installing the shaft, do i need to find the unichip asap?

    so i guess this it for now lol


  31. 1) header 4-1 (marco) - should i change?
    - I will change to 4-2-1.
    4) Jasma crank pully - should i change?
    - If not mistaken, JASMA crank pulley does not have damper to absorb vibration. Vibration will damage your engine.
    5) aerospeed campully
    - Do you have any cam change? Any tuning? If not there is no value added for this.

    8) Jasma oil cooler ( no idea if this thing is working == )
    - This is good for track day.

    9) suspension GAB SS (damage) which brand should i go for next ?
    so what next :/
    - Tein adjustable. Try to search the best spring rate that suit your driving.

    To answer your ECU question. First of all, you need to understand how closed loop works. Short Term adjustment and Long Term adjustment then you will be able to know why it will rewrite the programming and how Emanage able to work on campro. Anyway just cut thing short, you need to modify the O2 sensor in order for you to use Emanage.

    Getting shaft first then ECU is to avoid doing duplicated tuning job. Try install all the hardwares and get the tuning job done once. Thus you may save up time and money. (This is for poor guy like me who does not have deep pocket for multiple tuning sessions. Sigh...)

  32. Hai Ben,

    Thanks for ur suggestion..
    Sorry for asking more and more question..
    U suggest me to change a bigger throttle body and a new cam..
    which tb can i change to? 1.6 campro or other tb can fit?
    about the cam, which degree i should go?


  33. Heyy bro,do you know anyone who want to swap their gb from manual to auto?Im using satria neo campro yr 2008,thanks.

  34. hi ben..
    regarding Mivec CK, is that engine refers to 4g91 or 4g93???

  35. Hi Lami,

    You may try skunk2 and S90 which can modify to fit to campro/CPS. For cam, you may opt from between 264-272


  36. Hi,

    MIVEC CK over here refer to 4G92.


  37. hi Ben!
    Good write up there, was hoping you could help me figure out my next plan for my neo cps AT. Ive done stage 1 mod ( LCP,ACP, spark plug, springs, works ems n 4-1 exhaust full set ). Currently thinking if i should change exhaust again ( considering Exss work exhaust have u heard of this?).. also what pistons should i change to? and what spec of cam is suitable for cps ?

  38. Hi Juicesac,

    Is the one from Setapak? The most important thing is to have good workmanship and experience on exhaust modification. You may consider CP forged piston for your car. For cam, I advise that you to change based on your preference. Daily use? Track use? Different usage lead to to different spec.


  39. hai thre...i am an owner of proton saga fl so i want to modified it to have much more performance...and suggest me...beside the list above??

  40. Hi Ben, was wondering if you could help me out. Im currently doing a BOT on my neo cps. DIY of course since i have the time. only problem is that i am trying to put in a standalone ECU but i have been searching for weeks for the wiring diagramme. glad if you could point me in the right direction. would really appreciate it. my email is

  41. Dear Ben,

    Thank you for your great sharing on this forum!

    Basically, I am driving Proton Exora CPS (not bold) version.

    Hence, really need your expertise advice on how to modify this CPS engine in order to gain the higher torque for this CPS engine.

    Does not matter for me to gain high horsepower as what I need is to clear out my fear during acceleration from start stop traffic light. (In my case, pick up is more priotized)

    My current modification done is:
    - KNN drop in filer
    - car using Petronas Synthium 1000 full sythentic 15W-50.

    Very hope to hear from you the soonest !

    Thank you.

  42. Hi Isaax,

    I think the first thing you can try before any parts changing is to use a thinner engine oil (Personally I recommend MOTUL Power Racing 5W30).
    Then you may consider a set of Denso Iridium Spark Plug. If both these still not meet your satisfaction, then we may discuss more.


  43. Hi ben,im currently driving a neo cps,and planning to change my gearbox to mivec ck gearbox,i prefer the mivec ck model 99 gb because it has a slightly different ratio at second gear that helps alot,but ive difficulty in finding the gearbox code,can u please help me?.....then,i did know that it is a plug n play conversion to mivec gb, is it perfectly can fit in a neo cps?what im trying to say is,is it can be done by a normal mechanic that can install a gb,or need to find a mechanic that has experience doing this conversion? ben,how about the driveshaft?do we need to use mivec ck driveshaft or our stock driveshaft is just perfectly fit in with the gb,same goes to clutch pump,is it possible to use my stock clutch pump or need to use the mivec gb clutch pump?...thank u in advance ben :)

  44. Hi,

    It is advisable to be done by experience mechanic and to change the whole of clutch, and etc


  45. How much it will cost me roughly to modified Standard H-Line Pesona (A) to extreme spec as ur suggestion..?

    Any good workshop can u suggest in Penang..?

  46. Hi Ben,

    Got something in mind.What is your suggestion for BLM upgrade on the clutch set?I planned to change the clutch since my clutch starting to slip.

    Thanks in advance.

  47. Hi ben, im currently using satria neo 1.6 and im looking for a ram pipe intake. Which pipe is better aluminium or plastic or coated pipe?


  48. Hi,

    I can't really point out how much it will cost to modify from H line to extreme spec as the price may vary from shop to shop. My recommendation for you is to survey around and compare the price.


  49. Hi Hafiz,

    You can opt for Exedy clutch set.


  50. Hi acap ameerul,

    For the material of the air ram, it is advised to get those with better heat resistance. However, I believe that you consider whether you need a CAI or a short ram pipe (this may suck in hot air from the engine). As cold air typically makes more power, but costs more and is harder to install. A short ram is less expensive, easier to install, and sometimes creates less power.


  51. Hai ben... im now using saga flx.. i think i want change my cam to hicam. If degree 278/266 u think is ok or not???

  52. hi ben...really need your help...i'm driving campro 1.6...i convert my clutch kit to 1.8 double diagfram...but i had this cannot enter gear problem but after do some adjustment on clutch pump then turn out to be ok...sadly my pomen said this clutch pump mod will make da clutch won't last long cuz da adjustment is making da bearing touch da clutch cover surface...soo my question is what should i do now???do i need to change my pump to racing one???plz ben help me out...

  53. Hi Shah,

    Yes, it is ok with this degree.


  54. Hi,

    I recommend to change back to your ori with performance clutch. This is way compare with using 1.8 clutch. Unless you change to entire 1.8 clutch set.


  55. Hi Ben,

    I own a proton saga flx 1.6 se. Im planning to upgrade the performance (leaving it naturally aspirated) and handling of the car. However, I heard it is near impossible to upgrade its performance since theres a torque limit on the CVT and pre-optimized tune for the intake.

    What arises here are:-

    1) is it true?
    2) if it is possible, what upgrade is applicable for performance?

    I'd love to see my flx roaring using the 4 throttle and trumpets

    Hope you can share your knowledge


  56. hi ben..
    Can u or anyone base on exprience give the brand suggestion for my saga blm.

    -crank pulley
    -Air Filters and Cold Air Intake Kits




  58. Hi Ben
    im using Saga BLM 1.3.
    i have done some mod for my car:
    1.4-2-1 extractor
    2.Works campulley
    3.Works Crank Pulley
    4.Work Fuel Regulator
    5.K&N open pod air filter with CAI

    Now im setting 2 degree retard (IN),and 5 degree advance (OUT),im using stock camshaft, if i want to change advance setting, which degree you recommended?

  59. Hi Ben

    Thanks for sharing the info.

    I have a question.

    I like to modi. Exora Cfe to extreme modi.

    Can this be done?

    Which shop do you can do this?
    I don't mind traveling, I live in JB.

    Thanks again.

  60. Greeting Ben,
    Do you have whatapps so I can communicate with you properly? I live in Malacca and spare part for all this performance part are rare and expensive. If you want to give in private, here is my e-mail, and 0163757400

  61. Hi Ben.

    Really Great and Informative Articles.

    I've just found this articles and i've been reading the comments. And i was hoping you would reply mine.

    Currently i'm driving saga flx 1.3 (A).

    Do you have any suggestion or idea how to mod my saga?

    I've been thinking to start with my piping then the extractor manifold.



  62. Hi Izzat,

    Yes, it is true. VT3 is only capable to handle max torque at 220Nm.


  63. Hi,

    Let me try to answer you Q.

    -extrator/exhaust - speedwork/hotbits
    -crank pulley - mythelogy
    -abs/suspension - HWL adjustable is worth the money
    -Air Filters and Cold Air Intake Kits - HKS


  64. Hi Syark,

    May I know are you going to change the IN or OUT setting? Assuming that you are talking about the OUT. Changing this will increase your top end power and how much you want to increase is really base on your preference.


  65. Hi,

    You may try out top secret performance to mod your Exora.


  66. Hi perutbusar,

    Change the catalyzer and mid box to those free flow type. Change the rear muffler. 1.3L I suggest to change to ard 1.8" piping. Too big will produce noise and reduce power


  67. Hello Ben,

    Shah here. Can you help me on Cylinder Head-bolts torque setting & sequences for Waja 1.6 campro engine (S4PH)? I'm stuck here. Thanks Much. Cheers..!

  68. Hi Ben...
    How bout auto??
    Can make it like as u saying?

  69. hi Ben,

    For persona, i thinking to change the whole piping and interested on 2 step exhaust systems. can you recommend me the reliable set from extractor to mufler, and what are the mild upgrades i can do to headers, valves, and etc

  70. Hi Ben,
    I am plan to use drop in air filter. Abouth Cold air intake, still curious about these :
    "The plastic pipe kit I honestly recommend, other than being the cheapest, is one of the best bang for dollar modifications you can do"

    can you explain how & picture of it?

  71. Hi, Ben !

    I'm using a Persona 1.6 CamPro engine, my daily use car

    Haven't done any mod to it other than change a 17" offset rims & a sport springs.

    Been thinking about upgrading my exhaust system with
    4-2-1 extractor, middle bullet, 1.8" piping, & a straight flow muffler or should I mod my engine first but I don't know what should I do to it ? Which mod should I do first ? Engine or exhaust ? Perhaps you could give me a tips and advices for my engine mods ? I want to mod for top speed & pickup but at the same time fuel saving

    It's good if you could help out, I'd appreciate it.

  72. hello ben

    im using preve cfe
    if i want to increase horse power n speed,what should i add n upgrade into my engine?


  73. hi ben,

    i am using saga flx cvt 1.3 2011 std

    now it all stock.

    what I want is just to add more power to my car

    for example, when i drive more then 3 people, i can feel the car dont want to move d. like no power.

    may i know what is your suggestion?

    thank you.

    looking forward for your reply.

    p/s: email me if possible.

    thank you.

  74. Hi Ady,

    You may try some simple bolt on first. If those do not satisfy you, then you may work on the engine modification.

    Simple bolt on:
    - Exhaust
    - Air filter
    - Pulley
    just to name a few.


  75. Hi iject88,

    You may try to make your car a little bit more responsive by changing to a lighter pulley.


  76. Nice info ben,
    Can you suggest stage 1 mod for proton gen-2 (auto)
    Should i change the air intake before changing the exhaust system?


  77. Hi Gori,

    It is recommended to change both together to feel the difference.


  78. Hi ben. Need ur help. I just wanna have some fun with turbo. Is it possible to install turbo kit without changing any internal part of the engine like piston for example. And any turbo can works with oem ecu? Tq

  79. Hi Ben,

    I'm driving neo CPS, can you suggest anything to improve my clutch. It's started slipping, the sound after gear changing is not sporty at all. I want it to be a bit sharp meaning after lift up the clutch pedal the power is immediate, more sporty, you know with my loud exhaust, slipping clutch sounds horrible. Hehe. FYI, i'm on a bit tight budget. Thanks Ben.


  80. what about workshops in gombak,kepong or setapak area?

  81. Hi Ferhan,

    Yes, it is possible by running low boost only. It is advisable to change an ECU. You may not able to fine tune your engine by using OEM ECU.


  82. Hi Shafik,

    Change to exedy or BR clutch. Both of them are cheap.


  83. Hi Han,

    Sorry that I do not know any good workshop from the areas you mentioned.


  84. hi ben ... im using a standard persona1.6.. can suggest some ways to upgrade the car's perfomance please?

  85. Hi Ben!
    I'm using Persona 1.6 standard and I'm thinking of modifying my engine!
    Please let me know what modification I need to do in my engine and give me some brand suggestions.

  86. Hi ben,
    I'm rather off topic from your guide. I would like to ask do you have any recommendation for satria neo front bumper?


  87. Hi Avinaash, Rohinish,

    You may follow the modification from MILD to EXTREME in this post.


  88. Hi Helsinki,

    You can find any satria neo front bumper in any accy shops. However I prefer the LOTUS limited edition Proton Satria Neo.


  89. Hi Ben,

    I am currently driving a 2014 Persona SV (AT). As I viewed your post, I feel that there would be no problem for modding except for the clutch. Is there any racing clutch made for an (AT) especially Persona?

  90. How much for the medium modification package?

  91. Hi ben, im a satria owner 1.6 auto transmission, my question is, are all the mods stated above applicable for auto transmission as well? Im quite noob in this matter;)


  92. Hi ben,

    Im driving a 2011 proton persona which is drive by 32bit ecu.. I think of upgrade the management system for my futher modification.. Which management will suit my car..??

  93. hi ben!
    i heard someone say s4ph engine can oversize rebore 2mm from 76mmx88mm to 78mmx88mm....
    did u know what the piston brand has 78mmx88mm that can fit into a s4ph engine? if they was a high comp piston is more better!....thank..

  94. Hi Ben,

    I'm driving a 2010 proton persona.My car is an automatic transmission.Is themods above is suitable for automatic transmission as well and if i want to change my automatic transmissio to manual.Is it recommended or not thanks.


  95. hi bro..any outlet for enjine tunning? i am using waja campro 1.6(A). recently i found out that my car have a lot vibration and spotted that my RPM in idle state without aircond on is 700. if the aircond on getting more lower and vibration a lot. please let me know any tunning place for enjine tunning?...

    Further, does rpm effected by plugs, air filter and plug cable?

  96. Hi Zaffan,

    Yes, you are right where everything applies. For AT you may need to change to a performance torque converter.


    For the price of medium modification package, it depends on the shop charges.


    All mods are apply to all 1.6 Satria auto.


    For 2011 proton persona 32 bit ECU, you need to consider those ECUs that will not allow your 32bits ECU to overwrite the setting of your newly upgraded management system.

    Hi Choo,

    You may contact BK motorsports regarding the 78mm piston for your car.

    Hi Aiman,

    Yes, recommended to change to manual if you want better performance. All mods are applicable for auto.

    Hi Karthik,

    Vibration might caused by wore engine mounts. For the low rpm during idle, you may consider to clean the throttle body.


  97. Hi ben, recently i wanted to turbo my saga blm 1.3 manuak. It is a bolt on package. The turbo kits are from xenon which is quit reputable. May i know how much bar will i be able to boost on a stock engine. And will doing some management able to increase the boost without changing tje ori parts?

  98. Hi Ben,

    I wanna ask, can gen2 1.6 A can be modify? Like real extreme? Just bought tge 2nd hand car 2006 a week ago. Im staying in JB. Is there any workshop can be reliable onto modification? Any recommendations?


    Kind regards
    Shamus loco

  99. Hey Ben,

    Thanks for the reply. Just would like to know your opinion. Would it be wise if I were to add a supercharger to my Persona? Would the addition damage the engine?

  100. hey ben ,nice to meet you.Ben,as the campro engine modification that you posted, i would like to know about what i can for mild,medium,extreme modification for the saga 1986 8-valve engine .can you help me?please send the reply to my facebook veeno veenotheran please?

  101. Hi Chin,

    Bolt on turbo is always a good thing for performance. However with original internal parts, you can't really have high boost. The max boost I would like to recommend is 0.3-0.4 bar. Adding management is able to increase boost but as I said, you are limited with the original internal parts.

    Hi Shamus loco,

    Yes you can modify to real extreme but if you are not going to change the gearbox, it will limit you the max power you able to gain and will definitely fall apart. In JB, you can go to VIS work.

    Hi Zaffan,

    Adding forced induction is always a good thing. It won't add addition damage to your engine if you done it right.


    Please refer to this for 4G13/15 engine.


  102. So that's means I need to change the gear box too right? What kind of gear box? I don't really know abt I that much.

  103. Hi Shamus loco,

    Depends on how much hp you plan to achieve. If less than 200hp your auto gearbox can does the job well. However anything more than that a manual gearbox is your best choice. You may opt for campro gearbox or mivec gearbox.


  104. hihi... interesting

  105. Hi ,Ben can campro engine be fitted into old saga? Have u try it before ?please Tell can or can't and suggest me a better engine

  106. Hi Ben,

    I would like change my Proton engine and would like install Toyota engine.

    Is that possible?? If possible, so which toyota engine suitable for Proton Gen2 (model 2007 - transmission - Automatic).

    Thanks in advance.


  107. Hi Ben,

    I'm using Proton Gen 2 (Model 2007, transmission - Automatic).

    I would like to install toyota engine in it.

    Is that possible ?? If possible, so which toyota engine suitable for it.

    Thanks in advance.


  108. Hi Ben,
    I'm using Satria Neo campro non CPS, just becoz of budget got limit, I want to do some modification on my ECU to emanage blue or altimate but some people said that it doesn't work on Campro engine and gave me suggestion to install Unichip becoz V.I.S (unichip tuner JB) damn near my house around 500 meter, so it's really made me confuse, I scare after I bought emanage then can't work on my engine, then very hard to sell to other people, so I would like to know is it emanage really can use with Campro engine? Hope can see your reply soon, thanks.

  109. Hi Ben,

    Im from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah any suggestion w/shop for modify my Saga BLM??.. kinda interest in your blog. Also need guidence.. TQ

  110. hi ben
    does dual exhaust setup for saga blm gives any increase in performance.
    if yes what brand should i consider.

  111. hi ben
    can dual exhaust setup increase performace in saga blm.
    if yes can u suggest me a good brand.

  112. Hi Ben,

    I have Saga BLM 1.3A. Done some modification with 4-2-1 extractor & Drop in K&N Air Filter.

    I am considering change to Lightweight crank pulley & Flywheel. Main purpose is to have smoother drive. Will the modification affect engine reliability and what is the recommend brand of Lightweight crank pulley & Flywheel?

  113. hi ben. im using proton persona 2011 auto want to change to manual.
    would you like to give me some detail about which gearbox is compatible with persona elegance 1.6, is need to change ECU as well. how much will be the cost, and most important thing WHERE TO FIND. thanx alot i shall very thankful to you.

  114. Hi Ben....,
    I need to know a lot things from u regarding about my persona ( want to upgrade from suspension till the engine). Can u give your phn no via here.


  115. Greetings Ben,

    I'm using Iriz 1.3 manual, want to ask what mods to do to enhance the torque of the car? The car is for daily usage, go and forth for working. Stock extractor is 4-1. Here's a few question from me:

    i) advisable to change to aftermarket 4-2-1, or change to aftermarket 4-1?

    ii) AFAIK, Iriz has no mid box from factory, do i need to install it if change the extractor?

  116. Hi,
    You can fit campro to old Proton Saga but you need to mod a lot to fit in. (For eg: engine mount and chassis mount). The best for old Proton Saga is 4G61/4G61T(Mirage) or 4G63/4G63T(VR4).

    Hi Md.Yashinoor Bashir,
    Yes. Possible I seem 1 with a 4AGE 20V before.

    New engine/ECU now able to learn after sometime based on your driving style. My suggestion is to find your nearest tuning shop to ask for their opinion as you would like have a tuner who familiar with the product instead of try and error on other product.

    Hi Thevendran Gunaselan,
    No, dual exhaust will not provide any performance improvement to your saga blm.

    Hi Jack Choo,
    For lightweight crank pulley, please change to those have damper absorber. If not after long usage the crank pulley will crack and fail.

    Hi Maher G,
    ECU for auto and manual is different. You need to change that. For the cost, you need to survey around the workshops at your area because price may vary from area to area. You may join persona forum, if you are lucky maybe you able to find someone to swap the gearbox with you.

    Hi farah elyshah,
    Let talk more details via email.

    Hi TP,

    i) advisable for 421.
    ii) it is not necessary to install one.

  117. hi ben
    my campro iafm intake manifold nw having the infamous tek tek tek sound...
    so wanna ask if replace the oem intake manifold to those performance intake manifold ( like velocity etc. ) is tat ok ? n will still hav tat sound again after changed to performance intake manifold??

  118. Hi Ben ....
    My persona 2014 campro iafm nw having the infamous sound tek tek tek from intake manifold , so wanna ask bout if changed it to custom intake manifold velocity etc , is tat ok ? N is tat after changed to custom intake manifold the sound will still come again or not ?

  119. Hi Ben,
    I'm Ron and i like to ask a few of question about my Persona 2009 MT. Not a single thing i have done yet to my engine, so i there is too much i want to know. can we talk via email for detail? my email

  120. Hi ben,

    Im using a 2012 1.6 preve cfe, it is currently breakdown due to its turbocharger, questions:

    Is it possible to use other turbos then the BorgWarner? (Proton sell it at 6.5k per unit)

    If yes, could u suggest other turbos that could be integrated with the cfe engine?

    Appreciate for a prompt reply as i need my car to back on the street fast


  121. Hi ben,
    Is 4g63 engine fits for persona?


  122. Hi Ben, is it worth it to install turbo kit from Xenon Motorsport on my 1.3 Manual Iriz? they said iriz nfe engine head can't stand pressure from turbo. should i install everything listed on extreme modification?
    Performance Camshaft Campro < iriz can use it?

  123. Hi Ben, Whats the damage if i want to have mild modification? Thanks in advance

  124. Hi ben,

    Im a newbie in this mod world, im currently using a 2011 proton persona AT,

    For mid modifications, other than extractor upgrades, brake upgrades and suspension modifications, do any of those modifications is applicable for my ride ?

    Because in your other articles stated that lightened flywheel is suitable for MT only, if so, can you bestow upon me a necessary upgrades for AT ? Thanks

    Best regards,

  125. Hi Unknown,shineang,
    You may change to aftermarket manifold but pls bare in mind that you may remove the iafm.

    Hi Ron,
    Please email me directly.

    Hi Yin,
    If you wish to change, you will need to change the exhaust manifold as well. Just make sure the spec is similar with the Proton's BorgWarner.

    Hi Syaz,
    Newer 4G63 (EVO 4,5,6) can fit with some engine mount mod.

    You may install turbo kit to your IRIZ but please get ppl who have a lot of experience in turbo kit.

    Hi Alif,
    For Auto, you may try to mod the torque converter.

  126. Hi Ben ,

    Im currently having Proton Preve Manual. I found out it is underpower and i would like to make some mild modification to increase the performance. Can you give me some suggestion? You may email to

  127. I'm using satria neo cps auto transmission.. I want to upgrade my car so what the first thing should I upgrade are the emanage or cam pulley? Hope you an give suggestion

  128. Hi Ben

    Mivec 4g92 ck vs campo cps? Which is better? I heard people say that the ck engine is not as good as the non terbalik one. Is that true?

  129. Hey everyone,


  130. Hi Ben, Good morning.

    may i know if i replaced my standart cam pulley for 1.3 engine to lightweight type campulley is it affecting/damaging other engine compartment?

  131. Hi Ben. Great post by the way. I want to ask is it possible to swap in a CPS Campro engine into the engine bay of Proton Savvy.
    Is it possible to be able to do it without any major engine mounting modification.

  132. Greetings Ben.

    i'm currently driving a IRIZ 1.3 CVT. Have been surveying around, some might offer a complete installation of turbo kits but the ecu remains stock. Is it possible for a BOT? I was informed that iriz has the same CFE block so it's possible for BOT (that's just my opinion). So can I run on stock ECU? or should I consider changing management first? coz both cost me almost the same price. Thanks in advance :)

    here's my email:

  133. HI Ben,

    Im new to all this, i using a blm 2009 model, but im not happy with speed, handling and comfort and unable to buy a sport car at the moment.Your blog gave a whole new perception of this car. Would like to know the best place to do modification for extreme mod to give me that small amount of adrenaline rush that im been always dreaming off. Would also like to know if the tien suspension, would it fullfill my requirement for comfort (dont want it to be hard and uncomfortable)? Im staying in kota kemuming but any shop who really knows to the job for the items you mentioned would most appreciate as im most probably going to be cheated if i find my own due to lack of experience on these kind of stuff.


  134. Hi ben, love your article. I drive a 1.6 waja manual,what are your thoughts on installing a supercharger kit? I heard there are supercharger kits designed for campro engine right? Thx

  135. Hi Ben,

    Below is my car specifications:

    - Proton Gen2 CPS A/T.
    - R3 4-2-1 Extractor and Catback system however with a OEM's muffler to keep the noise level at minimum..and my dad already throw away my noisy R3 muffler :(
    - Sprintex S5-150 Supercharger
    - Haltech Sprint 500 as ECU

    and i have few questions that i hope you might be able to help with

    1. OEM muffler - does it restrict my car performance?
    2. R3 performance camshaft - do they have for CPS version and if they do, will it bring a lot of benefits to install?
    3. Adjustable Cam Pulley - is it good for a supercharged engine?
    4. How to eliminate the noise from the dashboards of my car? I like quiet but fast ride,i know i have a rare taste here... :)
    5. What can i do next to my car other than higher boost by smaller pulley size and stronger internal?

    waiting for your reply!

    Regards, Faiz

  136. Hi Ben,

    Thank you for the info on campro engine. I've done a few modifications to my persona such as cam pulley, crank pulley, cold air intake, breather tank, adjustable absorber, header and exhaust system, power unit and grounding cable, e-drive system and some other mods. Trust me, it's very different than it used to. I think it's time for me to install turbo to my car. Can u suggest a good workshop that can provide such service for a reasonable price. FYI, I live in Seri Gombak.

  137. Hi Ben. Firstly, great post. It's super helpful but now I'm in a dilemma. What if I just wanna change to 4-2-1 extractor and change to aftermarket drop in filter. Would that be enough to get some extra juice? Or do I need to compliment it more by changing to higher pressure fuel system and upgrade exhaust system? Really appreciate any feedback from you.


  138. Hi Ben

    I am looking to do mild improvements to my proton and I've seen that the forster best improvement would be to add a cold air intake kits I have been looking through knn product list what's the best compatible product they do

  139. Hi Ben
    I already change the extractor, voolet,exhaust Satria gearbox, new flywheel,and adjustable suspension.
    What should I do next the non engine but performance upgrade.

    If i want a Naturally Aspirated(NA) no turbos or supercharged what should I change next to increasr performance horses and torques.
    Please help me. Thank you

  140. Oh Ben Im using Gen2 1.6 manual😆

  141. Hi.Ben
    My proton persona elegance 1.6 use arospeed cam pulley. .what u recommended adjust intake and exhaust degree. .
    I want piggy up and top speed. .thx

  142. hi ben.. im currently using satria neo campro auto..
    i already install/changed
    - 4-2-1 extractor
    -exhaust system
    -aerospeed cam pulley and crank pulley
    -power plug
    but my car still cant go fast.. its hard to increase from 140kmh and above..
    what must i do to get this problem solve..

  143. Hi Ben,

    After cleaning my throttle body on my saga blm, the rpm idle become so high till 2k.
    After switch off the engine, the rpm meter stuck.

    I already reset ecu and throttle body but still not working.

  144. Hi Ben, my name is Saiful.
    I'm considering installing a light pressure turbo in the near future to my persona, say around 6-7 psi (0.4-0.5 bar), enough to fill the cylinders effectively than atmospherically but low enough to delete the intercooler.

  145. HELLO BEN CAN WE MEET IN PERSON!. LOVE YOUR ARCTICLES,COMMENTS AND A TONS OF INFOS!DUE TO PRIVACY THIS IS MY EMAIL ADRESS : send your hp no or your workshop location. so i can come by and hangout with you.

  146. hi,

    im using persona sv,
    what a different type or model of fuel injector can use for this car?

  147. Hi Ben... I'm using waja campro 1.6 ( auto )... can you suggest me for the modification of gearbox change to manual...

  148. Hi Ben,

    Im Own the Proton Exora Bold Turbo, Now all in the Standard condition but the problem is every time stop at the Traffic Light pick up have no power. Can you suggest me what is the Mild Modification for more power for pick up and fuel saving and more sound like turbo car. Thank Bro...

  149. Hi Ben,

    Im own the Proton Exora Turbo, Can you Suggest me what to Mild Modification for more power for pick up when stop at traffic light and fuel saving and blow off valve sound like turbo engine.

    thanks bro

  150. Ben saga blm upgre fir 200km??? How upgte

  151. Hi ben, where i can get for mild to medium modification for 4G15 and Campro engine in shop at area Melaka and Negeri Sembilan?

  152. hey bro, im a newbie here, just wanna check what are the mods can i do to save some fuel and increase power?

  153. Dear ben, i been using saga flx 1.6 auto but currently hve problem when i was bring for computer test, it shows clutch and some code on screen, and i wanne know other thn chnge gearbox , got chance of fixing it and any other mods i can compatible

  154. hi ben,

    I owned persona elegance auto transmission..can you suggest the best setup for exhause using 41 and straight muffler

  155. Hi Ben, I have a question regarding the timing reference of this engine. Where is it ? It's crucial to get the base timing sync with the standalone ecu. Where can I shoot the timing light ?

  156. Hi Ben,

    Im residing at JB.
    Which shop you recommend. My stock 2009 exora is lacking pick up.

    What are the things to be done.
    Mild modification will do.

  157. Hi Ben, thanks for your sharing and this is a great article.

    I have daily drive Proton iriz 1.3MT, I want to mod it to to around 150hp for touge, is it possible? What do i need to do? Around how much I need to spend? Where should I start? If na is it possible and more reliable than turbo? Can you advice me please? TQ

  158. salam to all car enthusiasts,

    talking about neo, I need some explanation on the fuel pressure regulator, do I have to change to a performance fuel rail if I want to install the fuel pressure regulator? the stock fuel rail won't be sufficient ?

  159. Hi Ben
    Would you be able to recommend between turbo and supercharge for auto exora?
    What will be the pros and cons?

  160. Hi ChenChun,

    If you are not really in big HP but for better daily drive, I will recommend you to go for supercharger. Put a side the cost, pros for charger is better torque which I believe you really need it for your auto exora.

  161. Hello Ben,
    For supercharger besides Sprintax, what can you recommend for ?
    Sprintax supercharger costs ~RM12k which is quite pricey. You can go with RM8k, but with piggy ECU only which I see a lot of complaints from users.

    Thank you.

    1. Sprintax is one of the best in the market. You may consider getting a used charger from Toyota and mod to your car for cheaper option but you may need more time to refine it.

  162. Hi ben, adj. Cam pulley and lighten crank pulley suitable for long distance?

  163. Always opt for better quality products then you are worry free.

  164. Hello Ben,

    I would like to know if there's any connection who are interested to sell Campro CPS mild or high cam for my Neo. Did some research about the RS Cam, is it true that Matspeed produces them?



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BEN9166: CAMPRO Engine Modification From Mild to Extreme
CAMPRO Engine Modification From Mild to Extreme
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