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Sad Tragedy For Team Orange After The Japan Earthquake

Team Orange is a one of leading Drift team in D1 Grand Prix Series with winning 2006 title by team leader Nobishige Kumakubo. The uniqueness of this team is using the world famous and popular Subaru Impreza from 2005 then also started using Mitshubishi EVO 9 from 2007 with FR conversion from 4WD in D1GP, And 2009, finally we are going to use the ultimate drift car FR converted Mitsubishi EVO 10 to get a D1GP title back!! Team Orange is not only famous about winning the competition but their bumper to bumper three cars drifting practice session is also extremely popular for D1GP funs.

However after the Japan earthquake, Team Orange faced a lot of loses. Their shop almost totally destroyed by the earthquake and cars are damaged. Let's see the pictures after the jump.

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John said...

Pity for those nicely modded cars.