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Proton Satria: A well modded RWD Proton Satria is back

I believe most of you know about this Proton Satria, especially for those drift enthusiast. As everyone knows that Proton Satria is equipped with a FF drivetrain but the owner -Wanbra from Wanbragarage of this unique Proton Satria wants something different from the others. There goes the FF drivetrain and a FR drivetrain is fitted to the car and this modification really make this Proton Satria unique compare to the others.

Unfortunately, a bad accident was happen to this Proton Satria during the making of Evolusi KL Drift 2 (EVKL2). While shooting the film in the high speed for car chasing scene, the driver late turn made the car hit a Kancil. That's the end of Wanbra's Satria RWD. However this well modded RWD Proton Satria was back in action during a drift practice session at Putrajaya Presinct 2.

Anyway here are two pictures of the car during the drift practice but what caught me most attention was the helmet of the driver. Damn stylish and I really hope I do have one as one of the collection item.

Pictures credited to MrNismo

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Anonymous said...

wow... the legendary satria RWD is back

Ben said...

Yeah... it is back in action.

Anonymous said...

Where can I get the helmet? >_<

Ben said...


Not pretty sure where. I believe this is custom made instead of ready made.