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Project Satria: Radiator Silicone Hose

I popped up my Satria's hook and realized that the radiator hoses are not in a good condition. Thus, I decided to make up my mind to change to silicone hose for better durability. Besides that, it should has a better outcome when couple with my aluminum radiator.

After the decision is made, it is the time for me to choose on which silicone hose brand to go for. There are several brands in the market such as SAMCO, ELEVO and JASMA. Among all the brands, JASMA is the most affordable based on the price tag. However, I am quite worry about the durability of this JASMA hose as I do not want to have any crack at the hose due to heat produced during long distance driving or pushing my car hard. While for the ELEVO radiator silicone hose, I can't get much information about this as not many people are using it. Besides I can get the SAMCO silicone radiator hose by top up a bit on the price tag.

So why not I get the better one for better durability. After knowing which brand should I go for, then it reached the time for me to source for the stuff. Sad to say that currently I have no time to fix to my car due to busy work schedule. However I will definitely make it done during the public holiday on June. Stay tune to my blog to check out the latest modification of my project car.

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