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Project Kancil: What's next?

So what's next? If you read my "2011 plans for my Project Cars", there are several things left for my Kancil. So now I got 3 things in my mind, J-mode lip, lowered spring, Mira L200s rear lamp. Can't really make a decision as 3 of the items above are in the same price range and this time only 1 item is allowed.

To be honest, I am more to the Mira L200s rear lamp as you may know that the Malaysia government is starting to not allowing halfcut items to be imported into the country. So better get it when the item is still available. And compare to J-mode lip, I can always get the local made product although the quality may not be as good as the original J-mode lip from Japan. Same goes to the lowered spring as there are a lot of local brand that still producing lowered spring for Kancil. Thus there is no worry about the shortage of item.

Here are  some of the pictures of these 3 items. I will create a poll and hope you guys help me on decision making as I am going to get either 1 of these tomorrow.

Mira L200s Rear Lamp

J-Mode Front Bumper Lip

APM Sport Spring

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