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Project Kancil: Roof top and Mira Sunshade Installed

Finally I got myself a set of Mira's sunshade which come in black color to replace my broken Kancil's sunshade. Too bad that this set of sunshade does not come with the clips so that I bought a pair of original Kancil's clips which in gray color. The color is not really match but who cares as long as it is able to hold the sunshade.

Besides that, I bought a row of 6x4 Insuflex sound/heat proof to fix for my roof. As my roof top was felling off due to aging of the item. Sigh... the drawback of low spec Kancil. Unfortunately this round I had no time for DIY, thus I forced to send my Kancil to the car accessories shop to fix everything.

Everything cost me about RM130. And I would say this is quite worth it since the workmanship was pretty good. Anyway here are some of the pictures after the installation. Enjoy!

This is the clip for the sunshade. For 660 Kancil, you will need to drill a hole to screw this on. However for newer 850 version, the car originally equipped with this clip so you just need to screw it on.  Please ignore the color of the clip, will try to spray to black when free to match with the sunshade.

Here is the picture of the roof top. The Insuflex sound/heat proof really did a good job. I can feel that the sound and heat is reduced a lot.

Last but not least, I noticed that my rear view mirror got a defect there where the reflection mercury (not sure how to describe this) is felling off. So it's time for me to look for Mira rear view mirror. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

May I know where you bought the insuflex and the price?

Oh and which accessories you have the insuflex fixed?

Nice car !

Ben said...


I got it from Mahihi. It cost me RM50 +RM5 for the shipping cost. I sent it back to my hometown accessories shop.