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Project Kancil: Bad Thing Happen - Fuel Hose Leak

Holy shit, this was the worst thing ever happen to me since started of the year. My Kancil fuel hose was giving up on me and caused fuel leaked during the time I was sending my girl friend back home. I immediately stop the car and after a quick checked, I was able to find out the fuel hose from the fuel tank crack and this is the reason caused the fuel leaked. By the way, I was damn lucky because the leak was from the fuel hose and not from the fuel tank. If not the repair cost will burn a hole from my pocket.

My girl friend called her cousin and he managed to change the hose within 10 minutes and the cost was damn cheap. However he also noticed that the hose which direct the fuel from the place we pump petrol to the fuel tank was not in perfect condition. Thus, I changed it as well in case this kind of incident happen again. So guys, please inspect your fuel hose frequently to avoid bad thing happen to you just like me.

You can noticed from the ground, fuel was all around it. Sigh... because I just got my car fully filled. There goes my $$$.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

How you realized it was leaking? Got strong smell?

Ben said...


At first it was mild fuel smell from the aircond. I thought it was the left over smell from my aircond since I serviced it before and they use fuel to clear up the entire system. However the smell get stronger and and I noticed my fuel gauge starting to drop. So these are the symptoms


jalio said...

how did ur gf cousin changed the hos?it happen to mine as well.
1.did he drain the fuel first from the fuel tank?or just plug and play the fuel hose?
2.can use kancil std hose? much will be the hose?

Mr P. said...

Check the Injector seals, I've had petrol shooting up the side of the injector and onto the engine..check asap.