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Project Satria: Car Detailing 2002 Proton Satria GSR Turbo

Another car detailing post and finally this time is for my lovely Proton Satria. I seldom drive my Satria and I parked it at my home town car porch for almost half a year. So the car is not really dirty  as compare to my  Celica but there was rust all over the sport rims and the disc rotors. Besides that, I am not sure why the car's roof is full of swirl compare to the other areas like the bonnet and the doors. The reason that I am able to think off is the color different but is it true that black color easily get swirl on the paint surface? Let me know if you know the answer...

Since the car was not very dirty, so I just ran through a simple wash only.. The parts that I were concentrated on during that were the wheels and to remove the swirl of the entire car. Anyway, the car wasn't too bad to start with as the paint of the car is still in good condition. Thus by waxing the car will bring the paint back to it's glory.

I took some pictures of the car where you can easily spot some dirt on it as well as the rusty rim sand disc rotors. Not very dirty as this can be easily clean off by a wet cloth. However for the rims and disc rotors, it took me some time to clean them up as some areas were not easily accessed by hand. 

Rims and the disc rotors done. I believe I do not need to state out which picture is before and which picture is after as the different is quite obvious right?

Done with the rims and disc rotors and move to the car body. Not much swirl for the rest of the body so I did not took any picture except the roof picture only.

Here is the result after wax. No more swirl and the paint condition look superb again.

Enjoy the pictures of my detailing hard work. Feel satisfy with the result and love the pearl white reflection...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ben,

Your car no 9166 won the Da Ma Cai 4D yesterday.. :-P

Was wondering how much you bought your Celica?

Ben said...


Really? Oh no, I should bet on it. Hahaha...
I bought my Celica at RM139K unreg 4-5 years back. I believe if should be around RM110K for a unreg model.

Anonymous said...

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Ben said...