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Project Satria: Installation of Intercooler Silicone Hose

My Satria's intercooler hoses started to give away due the poor condition. Thus it is time for me to change the hoses and I bought those silicone hoses on last year May. Yes, it was long time ago and finally this year Chinese New Year I got time to install them to my Satria.

The installation was pretty easy as almost everything is plug and play except the 90 degree bent at the right from front view. I forced to made another stainless steel pipe for this. After everything was ready, so the installation started by removing the front bumper and the intercooler. After that replaced the hoses with all the silicone hoses then followed by the intercooler and bumper. Start the engine and check whether there is any boost leak due to the installation been done. OK guys, let's check out the pictures I captured during the process of installation.

This is the picture where the hoses and intercooler still attached on the car.

Intercooler and hoses are off from the car.

New silicone hoses, the 90 degree stainless steel and intercooler installed.

 This is the final result. My car looks great without bumper right? Please comment...

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Anonymous said...

nice car

Ben said...

Thanks for the support! :D