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Monkey Wrench Racing 758whp 1.8L 2ZZ-GE Toyota Celica

This post is for those who own a Toyota Celica. Normally the impression of Toyota Celica is just a chick magnet where it got a sporty look but equipped with a low performance engine. However, MWR (Monkey Wrench Racing) from the state has came out a 700++ whp Toyota Celica to impress all the Toyota Celica owners. 

From MWR, they have switched over to E98 (98% Ethanol) fuel which allows more boost than the E85 they have ran in the past. Since this fuel requires a higher volume fuel system so it ran out of injector capacity pretty quickly and rather than risking running too lean on the top end MWR stopped the tuning at 37psi (only!!) and did not rev it to 9000+ rpm. Larger injectors are on the way so MWR able to turn it up a bit more and they are hoping for 800 whp. As for current setting, MWR is running on a 1.8L now for development because they have a plan to run our special 1.5L at Bonneville later this year to go after that record. Continue to read the engine specification after the jump!

MWR built 2ZZ-GE 1.8L
- MWR rods
- Mahle 9:1 pistons
- MWR cams, valves, springs, retainers
- MWR dry sump oil system
- Standard MWR ARP head and main studs
- Stock head gasket
- MWR underdrive pulleys
- NGK BKR7E spark plugs
- Stock coils
- MWR AEM EMS computer

MWR turbo system
- MWR equal length tubular header
- Borg-Warner turbo
- 4" exhaust
- Tial wastegate
- MWR air-water intercooler

MWR E153 transmission
- 3.9 Camry final drive
- Kaaz LSD
- ACT XTG4 clutch
- MWR standard E153 swap lightweight flywheel
- MWR standard E153 swap Celica axles

Here is the dyno chart from Monkey Wrench Racing.  
758 on wheel power and  504 wheel torque power !!!

Source: MWR

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