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Ferrari F430 crashed at Kota Bahru

To own a Ferrari is definitely a dream for car enthusiasts (I am one of them). However not every individual afford to pay a RM800k car. If I own one of it, I will definitely drive it slow to enjoy the ride instead off driving fast. To be honest, if I crash a Ferrari I will kill myself as I dare not to look at the bill.

Anyway, this above is just my individual view and the owner of this Ferrari has a different point of view. He enjoyed his ride by pushing his Ferrari but bad things always happen when you drive fast. The owner of the Ferrari crashed his car at Kota Sri Mutiara, Kota Bahru, Terengganu.

This accident happen when a Perodua Myvi tried to turn right from the T-junction and the Ferrari just could not stop due to it's speed. I believe the owner was wise enough tat that time to turn the steering wheel to the left to avoid crashing with the Perodua Myvi. If not something bad might be happen to the Perodua Myvi driver and passengers.
Stop talking crap here and I let the pictures do the talking.

And here is the video of the accident.

Source: Mohd Faizal's Facebook

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