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Project Celica: Car Detailing 2002 Toyota Celica 6 speeds Super Strut Edition

What normally a guy will do during Chinese New Year? Sleep? Eat? Firstly, I will clean up my room although I just staying in the room like about 5% of the entire year. Secondly, is to detail my cars. So for year 2011, I took 2 days off before Chinese New Year and I finally got some time to detail both my Satria and Celica. Anyway, previously I had posted a post about detailing my mother's kancil here.

Let's start with the Celica, it took me about a day to detail the exterior and the engine. By the way, this isn't a full paintwork correction detail, but more to improving the overall condition of the car in a limited time. ( I still got my Satria and a 19 years old saga parking outside the car porch waiting for me to detail them). The car wasn't too bad to start with as the paint of the car is still in good condition. However due to my busy workload, I have no time to wash it for about 3 months. Dust and mud are all over the car.

Let's have a look at the condition of the car, as I said earlier, the car is covered by dust and mud. 
After washing the car with Magic101 wash and wax shampoo, whole car is clayed with Detailogy clay. I forgot to capture picture as I were too busy washing the car at that time. Thus, enjoy the the results after the car being wash.

And now the dirty engine bay. Waxco engine degreaser was sprayed all around the engine bay to remove oily dirt and brushed the dirty area that can't easily removed by the degreaser.

Engine bay after detailed.

Finally was the time to wax the car. I used Soft99 wax as I used before for my mother's kancil. The wax is pretty good and the most important is the price is cheap. Compare the left and the right, the right side was after wax and the left was not. Not much dirt was pulled out of the paint as the pad was pretty much clean after the whole car. This proved that my Celica paint is still in good condition.

And here is the final result after a whole day of hard work.

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Unknown said...

Do you provide any detailing service?

Ben said...

Hi AisKacang,

Sorry to say that currently no.