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Updated: Perodua Kancil / Daihatsu Mira Photo Shots

Wish to share some nice Kancil/Mira conversion pictures that I recently found in the web. All of them are very nice conversion no matter to Mira L200s and new facelifted Kancil aka bug eye Kancil. You may check out some other pictures from here where I will archive all the nicely done up Kancil/Mira conversion pictures. Check out for more pictures after the jump. Enjoy!



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Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,
I've been following your blog & need help on my MIVEC 4G92 DOHC project.
Can u suggest to me where to get new capasitors (made in japan) to replace my existing caps? I'm looking for the same specs (voltage, degree. Better still if the same manufacturer)
Thx bro.

Ben said...


I am afraid that I can't help you on this as I have no idea where to get the original capacitors for MIVEC ecu

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