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How to differentiate Daihatsu Mira L200 and L200s

Driving a Perodua Kancil? And the engine started to give you problem during the age of it? Wish to send it to overhaul but the price of it cost you a bomb which it is more than enough for you to convert a new engine to it. So, engine conversion is the most valuable choice which you can have a more powerful engine and newer technology of the engine.

Wonder what kind of engines that able to plug and play to the Perodua Kancil? Basically there are 2 types of engines which are from Daihatsu Mira L200 and Mira L200s. Both these 2 engines can directly install to Perodua Kancil chassis without changing any mounting neither the engine mounting nor the chassis mounting. However both engines looks very similar from the physical view and here I would like to share to you guys how to differentiate the both the L200 and L200s engine because some of the halfcut shop will sell L200 engine at the price tag of L200s which is higher price.

There are 3 simple things which we can easily find out the different of both the engines as below:-
  • Engine number
  • Diagnosis Box
  • Dash Meter 
  • Body Kit

Let's start with the engine number. Engine number for Mira L200s is started with digit 3 while for Mira L200 is started with digit 2.
    Mira L200s -> EF 3XXXXX
    Mira L200  -> EF 2XXXXX

    The next different is the diagnosis box where this is only available for Mira L200s. Try to have a look a the picture above to locate the diagnosis box. 

    The next different is the dash meter. For Mira L200s, the meter is white color while for Mira L200 is black color. Above is the comparison picture for both the meter as picture will always give a better view for  comparison.

    The last different is the bodykit. Mira L200s has different front bonnet which came with a bigger air scoop. The headlamp is similar with Perodua Kancil (pre-facelift Kancil model) and the design of the front bumper was different where a pair of fog lamp is fitted. While for the Mira L200, the front bonnet came with a smaller air scoop. The headlamp is a bit round at the side compare to Mira L200s and the front bumper did not come with fog lamp for normal version.

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    Anonymous said...

    Dear ben,

    can you suggest an system like e-manage for mira l200/s?