Project Kancil: Head Unit / Player Wiring Installation

Started the year of 2011, finally I am able to install a head unit aka player for my Kancil and this is one of my plan for my Kancil this...

Started the year of 2011, finally I am able to install a head unit aka player for my Kancil and this is one of my plan for my Kancil this year. The previous Pioneer player was only a CD/FM player and was broken due to short circuit. During the hunt of a new player, I wished to have a player that support USB and MP3 because I already bored of burning audio CD.

After for a long search, I am able to find a player that suit my requirement and of cause the price is damn cheap. The radio is able to support USB, SD card, AUX In, CD and it play several kind of audio formats (MP3, MP4, WMA and etc). The brand of the radio is DreamAudio and it only costs me RM168. Damn cheap right!!!

So to my readers, I would like to share the steps of how to install a Head Unit/Player for your car. With this I hope you can save up some money from the installation fee and enjoy the fun of DIY.

Basic tools:
1. Wire Cutter
2. Blacktape
3. Screw Driver
4. Test lamp

For a basic head unit, the wiring codes are as below:
1. Yellow = Constant +ve 12V
2. Red = ACC
3. Black = Ground (body)
4. Blue = Remote
5. White = Front Left Speaker (+)
6. White/Black = Front Left Speaker (-)
7. Grey = Front Right Speaker (+)
8. Grey/Black = Front Right Speaker (-)
9. Green = Rear Left Speaker (+)
10. Green/Black = Rear Left Speaker (-)
11. Purple = Rear Right Speaker (+)
12. Purple/Black = Rear Right Speaker (-)

For some other head unit wiring codes
1. Dark Blue = remote auto antena
2. Orange = Illumination
3. Light Green  = Parking brake
4. Brown = Handset muting

Feel crazy with all the color codes? No worry, I will always prepare pictures for explanation and for future reference. As I agree that "A picture worth a thousand words".

Installation Steps:
1, Look for the constant +ve 12V located at the dashboard panel (You may try from the original socket). If you can't find, try to tap one of the point of the test lamp to body and the other point to wires around there. If the test lamp light ON without turn on the key, that's it.

2, Look for the Accessory wire. Follow the first step but with key turn to ACC. If test lamp light ON and OFF when key turn OFF, then you found the wire.

3, Connect the black wire to the car chassis. (This is the ground wire)

4, Remove the battery terminal.

5, Connect the Yellow wire to constant +ve 12V and the Red wire to ACC then wrap with the black tape.

6, Connect the Blue wire to preamp or amp, Light Green to parking brake (If your player do support LCD display feature), Dark Blue to automatic antenna. After you connect all the wires, wrap them nicely with the black tape.
** Light Green wire. This is for safety purpose, the player will only play movie when you park your car. If you don't pull the handbrake, the player will not play movie. If you play to disable this function, then just connect the wire to ground.

7, Now is time to connect the speaker wires. If you don't have any preamp or amp then connect your speakers to the speakers' wires accordingly. If you got preamp or amp then connect the RCA cable to it.

8. Connect the socket and the antenna cable to the head unit /player.

9. Place back everything nicely and enjoy your in car entertainment. Cheers...

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  1. Hi Ben,

    Nice information. Do you mind me to download the wiring diagram from your site?

  2. Hi Ben, nice DIY sharing there. Btw, do you mind that I download the wiring code for reference? :D

  3. Hi,

    First of all thanks a lot for dropping by to my blog.
    No problem, do download and hope this can help you.

  4. hello mr. ben
    Thank you for your informative and very constructed blog.
    Hope you could help me. Where can i find the connectors olike rca connectors and the pin connectors plus antenna connectors. My wife bought the car but the previous owner do mod and cut all the pins out. where can i get the connector and what is the type.
    Thank you

  5. Hi rizer,

    You can get it from any car audio shop or electrical shop. Besides that, do you mind to tell me what is your wife's car? So that I can find the actual connector for you

  6. Thank you so much for walking me through this. I really want to install a new stereo, and I have no idea how to do car audio wiring. You have really helped me out! Thanks again!

  7. Hey bro. Hopefully youre still active haha. Just wondering, for this dashboard can fit double din right? For example if i wanna install a player with touchscreen, can fit right? But whats the size though? 6inch? 7inch?

  8. Hi,

    Still active, hahaha. You may fit 6/6.5" to this dashboard.


  9. Kepala cable yg untuk sambung ke radio tu ada jual tak... sbb dah hilang la yg tu...

  10. Hi,
    Ada. You blh dapat kat electronic kedai

  11. hi mr ben...boleh ke radio vios masuk kereta waja?saya nak cuba wiring sendiri..bole bagi instruction ho to wiring?
    tq sir.

  12. hi mr ben...

    can u bagi instruction how to install n wiring radio vios ke kereta waja?

    saya mahu cuba wiring sendri...

  13. Hi bro,
    I'm not quite sure about these things, just bought a kancil Manual 660cc, and also want to install a new usb mp3 fm player. can u suggest me any brand and its model? my bujet: 100-200rm. And price for labor?

  14. Assalamualaikum.. saya nk tnya.. brpe saiz radio or audio yg sesuai untuk kereta kancil yaa??



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BEN9166: Project Kancil: Head Unit / Player Wiring Installation
Project Kancil: Head Unit / Player Wiring Installation
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