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Project Kancil: DIY Re-paint Kancil Front Bonnet

As you may notice that my Kancil's bonnet paint is fading off and started to get rusty. Thus, the last weekend I got an idea to spray my bonnet to flat black to prevent my bonnet turn to even worse condition and I still have no idea when I will send my Kancil for repaint. Besides that, currently the market price for a halfcut Mira L200s bonnet is at RM350-450 (Depends on condition) and I do no want to waste money to get another bonnet.

Went to the hardware shop and got myself a flat black paint and it cost me only RM6. Drove back to my house and started the DIY. First of all, I tried to cover up all the places with newspaper so that I won't accidentally spray the paint to other places. (Too bad I forgot to take some photos for this step)

Second step, spray first layer of paint on the bonnet. Above is the photo of the half way progress.

The first layer is done and here is the photo of the result. How is it? Not really looks good huh?

Wait for the first layer to dry off and then repeat the above steps until you are satisfy with the result . This is my final result compare to before re-paint and I hope this really help to prevent my bonnet from getting rust. (Unless before I repaint it)

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