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4G User Manual - Engine, Clutch and Transmission

Having problem with your 4G series engine, clutch and transmission? And have no idea on which parts need to change and the parts' part number? To be honest I were having this problem previously as of my user manual of my old Proton Saga was missing for long long time ago. Now no matter what you are driving, either a 4G13, 4G15, 4G91, 4G92, 4G93, 4G61 or 4G63, here are some of the user manual for 4G series engine.

After doing some research, I am able to find out some useful information and I hope to share this information with all my readers here. All the documents are free to download and do let me know if the links are broken. Continue to the links after the jump.

4G1 Series Engine Workshop Manual PWEE9001-A (8/12 valve Carb/Efi)

4G9 Series Engine Workshop Manual PWEE9101-ABCDE (SOHC/DOHC)

4G9 Series Engine Workshop Manual (SOHC/DOHC/MIVEC) [ENJIN TERBALIK]

4G6 Series Engine Workshop Manual 91-92 PWEE9037-ABCD 11A (SOHC/DOHC)

4G63 Turbo Engine Mechanical Manual GR00008000-11C

4G63 Turbo Engine Overhaul Manual GR00003400-11D

FWD Manual Transmission Cover PWEE8902-ABCD W-E COVER

FWD Manual Transmission CLUTCH FSM PWEE8902-ABCD 21A

FWD Manual Transmission F4M21-F5M2X-F5M3X-W5M3X Series PWEE8902-ABCD 22A

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JJ said...

Thanks for the sharing.

Kevin said...
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Ben said...

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for sharing with me and the rest with the ECU remapping information.

used auto loan said...

If you want to modify your engine, this is the right user manual you need to read.

Anonymous said...

wowow this is so great thanks

Anonymous said...


Any idea on Auto Tranmission for 4g15? the ori one is 3 speed. can modified to 4 speed type?

Ben said...


You may try the 4G91/92 4 speeds gb. But this do need some modification in order to fit it in.


pa3ik said...

can i know where is ur place so i can ask u moer about my car ^^~

Ben said...

Hi pa3ik,

Currently I'm reside in Penang.


Anonymous said...

lol so far... i at kl owh ...too bad...T.T

Anonymous said...

bro can u plz giev me da download link of 1JZ-GTE single turbo VVT-i's manual nd also da 1JZ-GTE Twin Turbo non VVT-i's manual.

thanks. =D

Unknown said...

do you have MVV ??

Unknown said...

Hye, I want to diagram engine 4G15 arbitrator convert 4G15 ingition wiring hanes, plz.....