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Project Satria: Proton Satria 4G93T Oil Catch Tank Installation

As I promised from previous post here, I would like to share the steps on how to install an oil catch tank for my satria which equipped with a Mitsubishi Lancer GSR 4G93T engine.

It took me about 15 minutes to install the oil catch tank. It is easy to install but it is harder to find a suitable place to place the tank. For my case, I placed it just behind the headlamp where the radiator installed. So for the first step, try to figure out where you plan to place your oil catch tank.

For Mitsubishi 4G9x engines, there are 2 places from the engine cover to route the oil back to the intake. Try to refer to the picture below as I already drew RED circles to indicate the place. I chosen the second one where I found out that it takes shorter route to my oil catch tank.

I tried to zoom in both the places and below are the pictures of them. Second step, try to figure out which PCV you wish to route to your oil catch tank.

The third step, connect the pipe from the PCV to the oil catch tank and then another pipe from the oil catch tank back to the filter/intake.

If you plan to get one oil catch tank for your lovely car, do contact me for the price as I am selling them with installation provided.

PS: When I installed the oil catch tank, found out that my cold air intake is in bad condition (broken) :( . So it is time for me to change to a new one as soon as possible and I will post out the installation pictures and steps as well. By the way, still pending the installation for my Celica. Do stay with me...

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Anonymous said...

hi having a problem locating the pcv on the 4g91

Ben said...


Do you mind to send me your car engine picture so that I can point out for you.


Anonymous said...

May I know how do you take out the PCV valve. I am thinking of cleaning it with some carb spray. If you can illustrate with some pic even better. Thanks