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Malaysia Police Forces new Patrol Car

Recently our Malaysia Police forces have both themselves few new patrol cars. What model they have in mind now compare to the previous Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. It is the Forte, not pretty sure whether it is from KIA or NAZA. I do not have much specification of these Fortes, not sure whether they are the 1.6L model or the 2.0L model.

This make me has a question in my mind why our Malaysia Police forces do not opt for PROTON cars? This is because what I always think that Malaysia government sectors should always support local products, cars or any other stuffs.

There are 3 reasons that I am able to think off:-
1. Our PROTON cars' sucks
2. Our PROTON cars' are way to expensive compare to KIA/NAZA.
3. Our Police forces just want to show off with a better looking car.

Anyway the KIA/NAZA Forte really looks good with all the police decals around it. 



Anonymous said...

Even Malaysia Government does not support PROTON. hahaha

Anonymous said...

i thought this was just a concept? the police force didnt yet bought this car.

Ben said...

Hi, Thanks for the updates