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Satria JDM 4G13 Turbo

A member of SPOC since 2006. Always a hidden member who just like to read other members posts and seldom participate in posting. However recently I come across an interesting post who the owner (cheese) posting the make over of his Proton Satria to JDM Mirage Cyborg R. As a JDM lover, this make me to have a mind set that if I got extra money; I would like to get another Proton Satria and convert to JDM Mirage Cyborg R. JDM rules!!!

The car is nicely done and make me can’t resist not to post it here. Started off from a 1.3L Proton Satria, the owner (cheese) extract out from every little bit and pieces. He has the passion to go all out to convert his Proton Satria to JDM spec Mirage Cyborg. Beside the exterior and interior, the engine still remains the same 4G13p but now with a T in it. The engine is well tuned and able to smoke any of higher cc cars anytime.

While others do not have the patience and time to source everything (I am the one of them), he is willing to spend extra effort to make impossible to possible.

Anyway, here are some of the vehicle’s pictures. He deserves a big and loud applause for what he done to his car. Salute to you bro!!!


Here is the original source from SPOC.

PS: cheese, if you mind I post out your car here do let me know and I will remove it. Cheers!!!


David said...

Wow... what a nice car! Salute to the owner

Ben said...

Yes, indeed. This is a really nice and neat car. Really hope to meet this car in person.

Edward said...

Not a satria owner but this car is really well converted. Salute to the owner

WaiKiet said...

original 1.3 engine with BOT?

Ben said...

WaiKiet, according to what I know, some extras added to the 4G13 in order to perform like this.

Anonymous said...

how much a cost to convert turbo 4g13??

im used wira 1.3 caburator..

hope can share..

can give your contact number?

Ben said...


Price is vary depends on how much HP you want.
Basically boosting at 0.3-0.4 x100kpa will cost you about RM6-7k including everything.

To be honest, carburetor is not practically to install a turbo kit as tuning it, is a big headache.

You may contact me via my email.


used car refinance said...

I'm actually looking for an LHD vehicle. Have you convert it into Left hand drive?

Ben said...

Hi, sorry. Never experience this kind of conversion before

mr.q said...

wow..wanna convert my satria too...but looking for fresher face..mybe cyborg cj4a..but did u think i will hav problm wit the jpj wit this conversion?n does cyborg cj4a can fit nicely(plug n play,no need mod)?

Ben said...

Hi Qaiyim,

JPJ/Puspakom will not pass the modification of CJ4A to satria. This is not a plug and play modification. You need to join the front part of the CJ4A fender and the end part of your satria.


mr.q said...

thanks ben..guess im stick with mivec big spotlght 1..hehee..btw,my car got problm recently,engine sometimes die suddnly..dunno why,check dstributor ready, no problm..engine also sometimes jerking when cruising..pomen said myb fuelpump relay,or fuel pump..chck other forum said myb just wiring to fuel pump..what do say?

Anonymous said...

check your spark plug and the device that connected to spark plug

Ben said...

Hi Qaiyim,

Check your plug cable, spark plug, TB, and fuel pump.


Amarant said...

For its price, I have to agree that Proton Satria is a car loaded with value. A few modifications here and there can turn it into a beast.

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SpeedStar said...

Hmmm, I can't completely agree, Amarant. Maybe at a discounted or used price, I'd say the Proton Satria is "loaded with value." Otherwise, it's a decent car.

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Boyd J said...

SpeedStar, what other car can you suggest that truly gives a lot of bang for every buck? I believe the Proton Satria is a great package of value for a sedan.

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The Proton Satria is a great car and its price is really cheap. I'm glad you found something like that still in perfect condition.

Unknown said...

hello ben,what modding u did on ur satria?may i know it?

Ben said...

hi Kucha Lana,

This is not my satria. This satria belongs to a member from SPOC-> cheese. It is a turbo version of 4G13.


Unknown said...

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