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Ferrari 360 Challenge

 Introduce the Ferrari 360 Challenge and this is a real fighter putting many technology in from Ferrari F1. Paddle shifter realizes accurate shifting, also avoids over revving. Chassis performance has made rapid progress from this F360, double wishbone suspension is very flexible that you’ll never get needless pitching even when you go over the kerbs, and very fast through high speed corners. Good turn in increases the exit speed and makes an impact on lap times.

Performance is slightly upgraded and tuned to provide strong punch at 6000 to 8500 rpm compare with the standard machine. You can enjoy MICHELOTTO 360GTC-like sound from straight modified exaust. Prancing horse fighter is always full of attraction.


Source: LMP CARS


Anonymous said...

Nice Ferrari 360. Too bad this is for racing use if for road use this is really nice

Anonymous said...

Why they never build one for the F430! This is really nice