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Project Kancil: Some Upgrades For My Kancil

Went back to home town last week to get my rear screen repaired. Try to read my previous post here if you want to know what happen to my rear screen. My dad managed to source me the rear screen at only RM10 and thanks to him because of helping me to bring my car to the mechanic to have the screen changed and the labor charge is only RM30. It consider cheap because the work needed was way complicated as what I thought.

However, the workmanship provided is pretty good. So far still has not face any water leakage and of cause this is what I am not hoping to face anyway.

What happen next is to tint the newly fixed screen and my front windscreen since I did not tint the front windscreen previously.

The next upgrade was to the exhaust system. I was driving my Kancil with the original 660 exhaust system for more than a month since I done my engine conversion. A 1.5 inch piping size with the "original" silencer was chosen for my exhaust system setup. Power wise is way better compare to the old exhaust system especially pickup and mid range power. The exhaust system is ended with a 3 inch exhaust tip and this will help me to avoid any problem with the police and JPJ.

Last but not least, here are some of my Kancil interior, engine and rim photos. The next upgrade will be a set of sport spring to lower my Kancil height to make it appear sportier and of cause better handling. A boost meter to indicate the boost level. A better alarm system to protect my Kancil from facing the same incident again. Some Ultra Racing chassis strengthening bars and finally paint the car white. Stay tune until the next upgrade and do comment on it.


Anonymous said...

How much u did for ur exhaust? How bout the fuel consumption?

Ben said...

It cost me RM230 from CAT to muffler. My FC is around RM0.15-0.17 (auto).

Mr P. said...

Hi Ben, hope you're still around. Could you tell me what other exhausts will fit the L502 please, thanks

Ben said...

Hi Mr.P,

You may try on RSR Magic and also the twin exhaust from L2s