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Project Kancil: Halfcut Mira L502 Auto

Went to hurt for halfcut at Bukit Minyak and finally able to look for something that is within my budget. The halfcut that I took for is from the Daihatsu Mira L502 which equipped with a JB-JL 660 Auto 4 cylinders 16v turbo. Thought taking the L200s and the price for it is way too expensive for an old engine. Therefore decided to take a newer engine and hope there is no extra care for the problem that always faced by an old engine.
Why I am getting an auto tranny instead of the manual tranny. First of all, it is cheaper. Secondly it is for a daily drive car and auto is a best suit for it. Besides that, my girl friend does not know how to drive a manual tranny car. When I wish to drive manual and want to get something big from this tiny engine, I can always change the Kancil manual gearbox with the auto gearbox.

Here are some of the specification of the engine.
Engine Capacity : 660cc
Engine Code : JB-JL
Engine Type : 16 Valve DOHC Turbo
Engine Compression : 8.7:1
Engine Power (Horse Power): 64PS/7500RPM
Engine Power (Torque) : 10.2KG-M/4000RPM
Engine Ignition : Electric Fuel Injection
Transmission : Auto

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By the way for my dear blog readers, I am selling off the L502 bodykit, dashboard and the suspension set with a bargain price. Do contact me if you are interested.


Shaiful said...

How much did you spend for the h/c?

Ben said...

Hi ePuL,

I spent RM3.3k for the h/c itself.

Unknown Person said...

Are u planning to sell the L5 Dashboard?
How much is the price u're offering ?

Unknown Person said...

if u do had a Facebook acc, add me up, so we could exchange ideas about Kancil/Mira

Ben said...

Hi Alid,

Sorry to tell that the L5 dashboard already sold off.
Btw, I added you in facebook. :D

Unknown Person said...

owh ok
and thx 4 adding btw =)

Ben said...

Alid, thanks for your add as well :D

Forzad said...

i got mine for 2.6 can get 2.3k...

Forzad said...

slowly assembling my l5 into my mysterious red kancil...haha

Ben said...

Hi Forzad, I know that in KL you can get it at the price you mentioned. However in Penang really hard to find a nice halfcut with this price tag. Maybe you can share with me where you find your halfcut. :D

Anonymous said...

hi ben

need ur advise

i plan to change my 4g92 mivec gb 1.6 to putra gb 1.8 ; is it suitable?


Ben said...

Hi Vin,

Yes, it is suitable but do bare in mind that the gear ratio is different for both of these gb. Thus, your shifting point and lift will be different.


风轻轻的飘过~仿佛微笑般的笑容一样的灿烂 said...

Hi~ Ben
Nice to meet you.
i want to ask you that where do you found the halfcut shop at bukit minyak ??

Ben said...


The halfcut shop is just opposite Bukit Minyak KFC.


Unknown said...

hello .
Great posts all around! really enjoy the way you organize everything.

argie phillips said...

Hi, excellent info as always!

May I ask what code the gearbox is please?

I have the same engine but I can't find the code for it.