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TEIN Fake S-Tech Spring

Recently there are a lot of imitation performance parts around the automotive market. Just to name some, MOMO, CUSCO, SARD, HKS, PIVOT, E-Manage and etc. Now, TEIN has join the others as one of imitation products in the market. To be honest, part like those gear knob, oil catch tank and etc that do not really harm or bring side effects to the engine or the car are fine to get those replica/imitation products. However for those like E-Manage blue piggy back ECU which will directly harm and affect your car ECU and wiring is not advisable to use.

For this post I will step you through on a TEIN fake S-Tech spring for Honda Civic by comparing with the original TEIN S-Tech spring. So let's compare both the counterfeit and original spring by looking at the following pictures. 

And now let's compare the packaging of the counterfeit and authentic products. Obviously we can differentiate it by the font of the wording.

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