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Re-route Cooling Direction for 4AGE 20v Engine from FF Chassis to FR Chassis

Hopefully this article will help on those Toyota FR owners who wish to transplate 4AGE 20V into their FR machine's engine bay. This will works for either 4AGE 20V silvertop (AE101, running on MAF) or 4AGE 20V blacktop (AE111, runing on MAP).

Due to the engine moving from a FF chassis originally mounting the engine in transverse configuration changing to longitudinal for FR chassis there are some difficulties with the installation. There are 2 common problems, the first is the distributor hitting the firewall, the second is the water inlet and outlet ports are behind the engine and too far away from the front water radiator. In makes installation extremely difficult and discourages allot of people from actually doing it.

This article will be mainly focus on how to solve the water inlet and outlet ports but I will still go through how to solve the distributor hitting firewall problem.

The distributor hitting the firewall issue can be easily solved via knocking the firewall and mounting the engine slightly forward. This upsets the balance somewhat but not significant. The deficit can be correct via handling setup i.e. suspension or anti-roll-bar or chassis strengthening etc. There are other solutions apart from this one. (You may not agree with this method and if you have a better solution for this, do drop me a mail or have it in the comment area. Thanks :D)

To solve the water inlet and outlet port problem, how the AE86 works is the based on this modification. The first thing need to do is to cut the existing water pipe from head to water pump and re-weld to modify direction.

Second make a 90 degrees bend pipe and find a 90 degrees band rubber - something like this: -

Individual pictures of the completed installation are: -

Finally make a "90 degrees turn" pipe to route the old water outlet back into the old water inlet. I had a spare pipe like above and cut it to weld onto existing old water outlet mouth. Use another 90 degrees turn rubber to complete the "U-turn".

Another picture showing hot water out right under throttle 1 and a little bit cold water in at the bottom right hand corner. The clip can be just about seen.

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