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Project Satria: Intercooler Silicone Hose

It is being some time that I have not perform any upgrade to my Satria. I popped up the hook and realized that the intercooler's hoses are not in a good condition. Decision made, the next thing to do is to check out how many silicone hoses that I need for this upgrade and the measurement . Started at the turbine to intercooler and then to the intake manifold, total silicone hoses I need is 6. Which 1 of the 1.5"-2.0" reducer to connect the turbine to the intercooler piping and the rest are 1.75"-2.0" for intercooler and the rest of the piping. 

After the measurement is done, it is the time for me to choose on which silicone hose brand to go for. Though of going for SAMCO but unfortunately there is no 1.5"-2.0" reducer available. Continue to look for other brands (ELEVO,JASMA), but I got no luck for it. After a couple of days searching around the net, finally I am able to find one which produce 1.5"-2.0" reducer. The brand name is INFINITE so I immediately text the seller and made my order. Few days later, I received my item which shipped by GDEX and what I can say is the seller is very good to deal with, I will highly recommend to who that wish to buy silicone hose. His nick is GarageR in ZTH forum. Will deal with him soon to get the silicone hose again for my Celica turbo project

Sad to say that currently I have no time to fix all these to my car due to busy work schedule and my MSc module 5 and exam for module 4 are going to start on this 22nd May. Stay tune to my blog to check out the latest modification of my project car.

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