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Project Kancil: Mira L500 Dashboard Installed

Mira L500 dashboard is very famous and is a must modification among Kancil enthusiasts. Why I chosen the L500 dashboard but not L200/L200s dashboard? This is because L200/L200s dashboard look similar to the original Kancil's dashboard and for me, if I wish to change or modify something, I prefer to modify to a better and something does not look alike.

Installing the L500 dashboard is not a plug and play job whereby there are modifications needed to be done in order to fit the dashboard nicely to Kancil compartment. First of all, the Kancil aircond blower need to be replaced by the L500. This is because the switch of the fan speed is only 3 speeds for the L500 while for the Kancil, it does have 4 speeds. There is a way to modify and fit Kancil blower to the L500 dashboard but I chosen to have a easier way instead of doing a lot of modification. 

Second part that need to be modified is the front part of the dashboard as shown in the picture. There is some cutting needed to be done so that we can fit it nicely without any gap. 
Next, is the steering column. If you are not using the L500 steering column as what my case is, a small cutting is needed so that it will give space in between the steering column and dashboard. The last part that need to be done is the meter wiring. There is not a big problem if you follow the Wiring Meter Daihatsu Mira L2.

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