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Project Kancil: Mira L200s Bodykit Installed

Always love the design of the Mira L200s bodykit even not owner a Kancil or Mira. Now my sister inherit her Kancil to me and I got the chance to modify it with the Mira L200s bodykit. Started of with the L200s bonnet. It took me months to look for a cheap and good condition one which it cost me only RM250 while the market price was around RM350 that time. For the installation, it is a simple plug and play to the Kancil original bonnet bracket. For a perfect fit, it is a need to modify the original bumper. However I did not modify the original bumper so that I need to give more force to the bonnet when closing it.

The next thing was the L200s rear bumper where I got it from a local Kcar forum. Can't really remember how much but if not memory served me right, it cost RM200. Installing the L200s rear bumper is a direct plug and play where all the brackets and screw bolts are totally the same with the original Kancil's rear bumper.

For the front bumper, I bought it from my friend's halfcut shop. It cost me RM350 where the market price are around RM400-450. For the installation, it was a easy fit as well. For the fog lamp, I rewired it to the headlamp whereby it will on once I on my headlamp. For the indicator, I just plug it to the original Kancil indicator socket.

Project Kancil is still not 100% convert to L200s bodykit because I am still using the L200 rear bonnet and a set of L200 sideskirt which I have not install yet. The story about the sport rim will be up later since currently this project Kancil is not the higher priority.


John said...
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John said...

That's cool. It's great that you shared those pictures after the installation. Can you share some pictures of it before the body kit was installed.

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Unknown said...

bro, can type down your friend shop address. i have this kacil 850ex. thinking about throwing some love into it. it's been family workhorse for a decade now. please desperate cause short of mira information, features in the webmagazine eg speedhunters. thank you bro.

Ben said...

Hi Muhammand Harith Ahmad Daud,

Sorry to say that my friend had already moved to KL and no longer run his shop in Penang anymore.


Unknown said...

oh, too bad. KL pun also can la..haha

Unknown said...

oh, too bad. KL also can.