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Project Celica: Standalone Upgrade For Celica

Lucky enough to have the chance to purchase the Apexi Power FC for my celica. One of the main reason that I choose Power FC than the other standalone such as Microtech and Haltech is because it is plug and play for Celica. Besides that, from research around the net and information from, the horsepower gain is pretty good with proper tuning. 

The installation is done at one of the shop located in Kepong, KL. The process of the installation did not go well as what we expected. The first problem was the dyno machine cable had some problems but luckily it was solved by just soldered back the wiring. The second problem occurred during the half way of the tuning process. Open up the engine cover, found out that the lift bolt was broken. Managed to get a replacement for it but the power band still decreasing. Couldn't figure out what is the problem and chosen to install back the original ECU so that I can drive back to Penang safely. 

Back to Penang, immediately find my mechanic, Ah Chuan from TOM's Penang. He managed to use the OBD scan tool to decode the faulty code of the engine. Found out that there were 2 faulty codes which are the OCV (Oil Control Valve) at the lift side and the VVTi cam pulley. So I decided to change everything including the rocker shaft as well but it took me to wait for all the parts to be arrived by around 2 months.

Once all the car parts arrived and installed everything into my car, finally it able to run as expected. However, I still do not have time to bring my car for a dyno tune due to lack of  experience tuner for Apexi Power FC in Penang. 


Cik bEll muQLlis said...

Hi, i wonder where did you buy your powerfc for 2zz. is there any dealers located in Malaysia? I am planning to install it into my MR-S. thanks.

Ben said...

Hi Ashraf, give a call to William from Trial Tuning Spirit at HP:012-2139861. He will help you to order the PFC

Anonymous said...

Hi.. i also wonder do this standalone working well in 4g13?? coz i'm working on for an N/A modification... lastly.. how much it cost for these standalone? tq

Ben said...


Sorry to say that Apexi does not produce any Power FC for 4G13.It cost about RM4k++ brand new.